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I'm in love with Vladimir's 'Lolita' but I'm struggling to find a comparison, I was first hoping to use the aim of 'the corruption of lust on the rational mind' but there's so many books out there and so many topics I could chose instead. Here are my options:

Wuthering heights-obsessive love (but cliche)
The collector: obsessive/butterfly symbolism (isn't a classic)
catcher in the rye- (don't know a lot about)
ada or ardour- another of Vlad's and is taboo-incest
ulysses- (don't know a lot about)
the day the locust came- (don't know a lot about)
persuasion (jane austin)- (don't know a lot about)
Rebecca- (don't know a lot about)
the lord of the flies- more a loss of innocence :/
she's come undone- mental deteriation of main character/voice
the virgin suicides- (is a little intimidating due to intense sybolism)
The scarlet letter- (don't know a lot about)
alice in wonderland- love but can't connect both novels very well

Please help me/any info is appreciated- thanks for you time!

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