Best way to get higher grades at ou-psychology

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Hi all i have done the access course and DD102 at open university, working towards my psychology degree. My marks for tmas are around the 75 mark and my ema result was 77, however i want to work towards getting higher grades but im unsure how, tutor wasnt very helpful on DD102, would the best way be getting a private tutor? has anyone done this whilst studying with the ou? did it help? any help would be great tia
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Well, I've not studied psychology but my broader advice would be:

For each assignment, make sure you've covered every part of the question. If you don't include things that need to be in there, you can't get the marks for them.

Go through the guidance provided for the assignment. There will usually be information about what they would expect to see in assignments at different grade levels. Go through your work carefully before you submit it, to make sure you've done what they're looking for.

If there are face-to-face tutorials, go to them if possible. Best option is to go to ones run by your tutor, if they are available and you can get to them. If there are no face-to-face or you can't go, join in with online ones and/or review any material passed on. Tutorials will often focus on upcoming assignments and you can get good insights into them.

Make sure you abide by any expectations around eg word count, to ensure you don't get a mark penalty.

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