off-campus accomodation: Hatfield or somewhere else?

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Hello people,

I'm starting uni (PG) in Herts in September and now looking for a place to live. I would like to get a one bedroom flat with my boyfriend. I visited Hertfordshire once and we drove around Hatfield. I personally wasn't too impresses with Hatfield as a city and I didn't get a strong desire to live there. I'm sure there are nice areas but I would rather locate to St Albans.

That being said. I read on one of these forums that living in Hatfiels is significantly more convinient. Also that the public transportation is not reliable. So my question is that is teh public transportation reliable? Is it inconvinient to live in St Albans? Did I get a completely wrong idea of Hatfield and I should reconsider moving there?

Any advice and experiences would be appreciated?
Herts PG Student Repsdafaf
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Hey again Rex!

I'm going to be brutally honest with you here, as I think it'll be more useful.

The University accommodation is pretty nice and modern so I generally don't hear many complaints about that. Hatfield itself has some lovely areas BUT also some pretty grim ones. If you can get yourself a place in one of the nicer area's I'd say go for it as it'll be very convenient to get to campus.

Regarding public transport. The train links to Hatfield are generally very good. You can get into London quickly and conveniently, along with one side of Hertfordshire. The bus service, is "ok". Around campus and Hatfield I'd even rate it as excellent. But, travelling between towns (the further you go), the more patchy it becomes.
I don't think you'll have too much trouble travelling from St Albans however. It's very close. The only issue I'd imagine would be traffic at peak times.

I also really like St Albans as a place. It has great shops, green spaces, culture and nightlife.

I hope this helps a little bit!

All the best,


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