AQA A2 Sociology Paper 2 Beliefs 2017

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Hi, for the 20 marker on Beliefs- I talked about the influence of science- improvements in medicine in eradicating diseases and transforming how we live, learn and communicate. I then talked about how science can have more of an influence than religion- I addressed secularisation, technological worldview (Bruce), rationalisation (Weber), religious diversity (Berger)but I also addressed how religion is still influential in how lives today- religion is not declining it is simply changing its form as it is no longer inherited or imposed. I addressed- believing without belonging(Davie), spiritual health service/vicarious religion, postmodern religion (Lyon),religious market theory(Stark and Bainbridge) then I talked about how science is an open belief system according to Popper as it is open to scrutiny, criticism and testing by others while religion is closed. In conclusion I addressed how both science and religion are important in our lives today. Is that okay??

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