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Failing University after 4 years.. watch


    (Original post by physics enemy)
    it's 'over' (unless he turns it around fast, seems unlikely) because he won't be able to do another degree in the future, given it's 16-17k per year and he won't be able to get a loan. Unless labour get in and turn that around. He'd also need to do another a-level or similar before doing a new degree (least of his worries).

    But a pass or 3rd is not really worth the paper it's written on. In hindsight he should've never gone to uni. If his gcses and a-levels are good maybe just avoid saying you ever went, try get a job that way. I agree with pushing for mitigating circumstances, nothing to lose there.
    hey its a red gem !!

    Whats up bro

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I don't really know where to begin, on this topic. I have just spent four years at University and am a week away from failing my degree. I have a lot left to do and realistically cannot do it. (5000 words, 4000 words and an Exam all in the next week)

    It is really hard to explain what's happening but I basically hated university from the day I got there and stupidly by my own admission continued going on with it. I Failed my first year and had to resit only 2 modules during the second year

    by my third year (third year at uni, second year of the course) I was battling with severe depression that resulted in me nearly taking my own life. This was due to lots of problems that I could not understand like my bad temper coming out of nowhere. problems with friends, problems with girls and ultimately problems scraping by at uni. My life was a massive mess. I have been to see a psychiatrist just last week and finally at the age of 23, was diagnosed with what my doctor described as a "moderate-severe form ADHD".

    I have worked so hard in the last year trying to get my degree I can't explain how hard i've worked attempting to get this degree, I've had to pick up extra modules due to the depression and failing modules last year. but I think I have just come to the realisation i cannot do it. I don't feel depressed or like killing myself, I actually feel a lot happier knowing that a lot of my problems were down to ADHD, and continuing doing something I absolutely hated from the start when I really should have quit. I only made them worse by not being honest with myself and quitting when I should have.

    I just want to know what people think? it is such a bizarre situation and just having some opinions or someone to talk to would just maybe help a little bit.

    I feel like a failure and a bit of a loser for spending four years at uni and not coming out with a degree. But, I also feel like someone who has pushed themselves so hard, never quit, battled depression and battled ADHD (without even knowing why my life was the way it was).

    Since the year I got out of my depression I have improved so much as a person, even to the point where I realised that there wasn't something quite right and seeking help by going to a psychiatrist.

    since being diagnosed last week I feel such a sense of relief knowing that I will be able to get medicated help and CBT and that I will be able to enjoy my life in the future.

    my ambition is to be a Recruitment Consultant, and a really good one, I have 2 years of sales experience and I am very confident and ambitious when it comes to a sales role and that type of environment. I also know there are Recruiters out there who take people on from A-level, and I do have reasonable A-levels. Its just explaining the four year black hole of depression, ADHD and no degree or trying to blag it? cover it up and hope they don't verify it? or just be honest? i'm not saying i'm going to lie I really don't want too but, I can understand that companies are not going to be lining up to hire me either if I explain the circumstances.

    What do you guys on here think about all this? has anyone heard of stories similar to this? people overcoming such adversity and negative circumstances and still going onto becoming a success? I want to do it I really do.

    would help to here some thoughts on here. I'm not a bad guy honestly, just a lad who's made a lot of bad choices but is trying to put them right.
    1. theres more to life than a degree , so dont feel like a failure
    2.I know someone going through a similar situation , while they know that the final grade they will get would not be what employers will look for, they have taken it in their own hands to find another way to get the job they want(it is possible)
    3. I know it has been 4 years , which may be considered a long time but think of those for years as a learning experience(i know it will be hard). nothing is impossible u could still become a recruitment consultant . research other alternative pathways to get to the job.
    4.btw potential employers cant discriminate against potential employees because of their mental health
    5. good luck

    (Original post by CocoaW)

    Please ignore this bit of advice, it's really not very helpful. Yes it's true you could have become a recruitment consultant without a degree however having a degree opens up other doors where doing the job alone would not. So my advice is to finish to the best of your ability.

    As one of the previous posts stated there is still time, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. I have written 2000 words in 1 day easily and gained decent grades despite waffling on, so anything is possible. I say give yourself 2.5 days max per assignment and 2 days for revision. Yes your head will be exploding by the end of it but it's one week out of your life.....to achieve a stepping stone for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

    As far as your mental health stuff is concerned, I am not an expert but I would say that it is part of what makes you unique so maybe stop fighting it and accept it to an extent??

    Lots of people don't finish their degrees for different reasons, lots of people do and then decide that they don't want to work in the discipline they spent years studying for.

    You're at the end, DON'T GIVE UP just yet.

    Best of luck, you CAN do it!!!


    The guy has failed. he needs a two year break from education or to explore travelling. ADHD is a significant disability, he needs time to adjust.

    I'm speaking from experience. Today i have been crying all week because im seeing people graduating. (i cry every year because i started uni at a late age). They ARE YOUNGER THAN ME. All because i was foolish into thinking i could pass my gcse's at last minute or pass my a-levels at last minute. No i failed BOTH causing 5 years of oblivion. My father called for me to be sectioned whilst my mother assaulted, spat and bullied me all these years. Now that im in uni, i don't hear a 'peep' from them anymore.

    So my advice was clear but also blunt, university is hell, especially if you don't have friends


    im drunk sory if im not making sense

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    would help to here some thoughts on here. I'm not a bad guy honestly, just a lad who's made a lot of bad choices but is trying to put them right.
    Lol, nobody with a brain cell thinks you're a bad guy. Just don't give up, you're letting pressure make you see this as impossible. Try, you have the whole internet at your disposal. Get the easy bits done first and build on it. Start on it and you'll start seeing it is possible. It's easy to think negative when it's in the abstract.

    You're drunk so you may not see how your comment contains 0 substance.

    What's the point in being negative about it because of your experience? There is none.

    You still have time. You'll be amazed in what you can do in a week when you're feeling ambitious to pass.

    I totally understand where you're coming from. I've suffered with severe depression, gender dysphoria and anxiety since I was probably 15 and I've also attepted to take my life. I'm 18 now and I've just miraculously managed to get my extended diploma in in art this year. For the past 2 years my depression and anxiety have sky rocketed, anger management was an issue during this time and I often lashed out at lecturers when I didn't mean to. I was going to fail my course this year, but everyone on my course tried their best to help me. I had classmates telling me that they would help stick things down or write up my annotations for me. (I may or may not have some kind of auditory dyslexia, especially under stress I can't process spoken word and I often have to get people repeating almost 5 to 10 times to me until I understand the basics of what they're saying. I also struggle to write thoughts down to paper). Lecturers helped produce art with me until I was able to find my way. I was given extra time and I spent the last week of the course doing overtime to get things finished. I managed to get from a fail to a merit in that week.

    You just need to find the right people to talk to, I'm sure you friends and lecturers will be willing to assist you.

    Hey man I see you posted that a while ago hope your doing better now in life I’m actually going through something similar it’s been 4 years from me and I’m not any closer to getting a degree and being 23 aswell I feel like there aren’t many options right now, the suicidal thought come and go from me aswell I know I also have a form of ADHD and The depression also is kicking my ass but I have no one that will take me seriously about it cause the people around me are old timey they don’t really believe in mental conditions and I feel as if I have this insurmountable task that will never be completed I’ve been stuck at the same dead end job for almost 6 years and I don’t see my self going anywhere in life. Idk if You’ll see this or not but if you have made it out of hard times i hope you wound mind what you did to get out off all the things in life that were weighing you down


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