Teeth Issues: Fillings

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I'm 20 years old and recently received 6 fillings. This was really shocking since I think that my diet is pretty good compared to a lot of my friends and family members around my age. I had a discussion about what could have caused the issues with my dentist. She told me it was due to excessive consumption of juice and carbonated drinks, although I haven't had either in around 10 years. I was thinking it may have been due to a vitamin D deficiency I was diagnosed with last year but my dentist said that vitamin and mineral deficiencies don't affect the teeth at all (Can't help doubting that...surely they must have some effect, directly or indirectly, on our teeth?). Has anyone else had a similar problem, and did you find a possible cause? I'm trying to map out factors that may have contributed so I can prevent more.Thanks!
ron weasleys
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I haven't experienced anything that similar to you but vitamin and mineral deficiency would cause tooth decay.

I have a friend who had to get fillings a while back, though she has a healthy diet. I think one of the problems was that she wasn't brushing her teeth properly. Perhaps it could be the same for you?

"Overbrushing" can also be an issue.

Good luck with finding the issue!

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