What route to take after failing first year Accounting & Finance, HELP PLEASE!!

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I just got my results and I need to retake 3 exams at Essex uni. I was arrogant and lazy throughout the year, it's silly that I failed first year I know, but I've learnt my lesson. I've decided to resit the exams next year instead of resitting the whole year, lots of reasons why -- so instead I have a whole year to study at home and hopefully grab some experience along the way, that's 1 option anyway.

However, I am now debating whether or not I should just go for an AAT apprenticeship and do this whilst resisting my uni exams and see what I decide after that.

I'm essentially a year behind already (Got a D in Math at high school, got a C in the resit at college, started at level 2, algebra man!) but I know I can work with accounting (it's the only exam I passed at uni + got D* in my modules at college). My college qualifications are DDD in Business (3-A's equiv) and IT.

Another issue is that I wouldn't know what to say on my CV. I took a gap year? I failed my first year at uni, but passed my accounting exams and coursework? I don't want to start at AAT level 2 and be another year behind essentially, I know I am better than that but it's a little cloudy on how I can prove that to employers.

Lastly, can people with good insight or experience finally put the nail in the coffin and tell me what ultimately is better, a bachelors in Accounting or level 4 AAT I guess, also ACCA/Cima qualifications. Not the qualification itself but how practical the apprenticeship is compared to uni I guess. I'm really unsure about everything, haven't done alot of research as I only just got my results yesterday, but insight and some advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advanced.

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