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Bf broke up with me because of past watch

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    Can someone please help me? My bf broke up with me because of my past. When we first started dating he did not ask about my virginity, but i confided in him that I was a virgin and we became each other's first. We have been together for 2 years and 5 months now and recently he went snooping my facebook messages and found an old hisgh school message where it had the conversations of me saying that I lost it to someone else. Instead of giving me a chance to explain myself, he went and dumped me the next morning. So, i went to his job and told him to let me explain myself and that i wanted to fight for us. Honestly, i did not know my past would be such a huge issue. When i wad in high school i faked the status of my virginity. I wanted to be known as "that girl" and a "bad girl". I wanted that attention so, i lied in high school about my virginity. Truth is i never had the guts to lose it in high school. I was childish, immature, and just trying to blend in like any teenager would. I didnt see the harm in it. When i explained this to him he shut me down and justified that he couldnt trust me or believe me because of one mistake i made at the start of our relationship. I flirted with a guy once when we started dating. However, i apologized, learned from my mistakes, and ever since then i have been honest and loyal. So, it bothers me that he is justifing a mistake like that to mean that he cant trust my words on this as if I am a habitual liar... i never lied to him. Just because i have chose to not talk about my past before doesnt mean i wanted to hide it from him or had any reason to lie about my past.. I just didnt see it as something important. I made my peace with it, i grew up, learned, and matured. Why carry something old like that with me?? I guess he doesn't seem to understand that the girl i was before is not the same woman i am now. It stuns me that after being together for you 2 years he doesnt know me by now. I apologized for my past for not being perfect and for me not being perfect... I want him back and i want him to forgive me because i know he dumped me based on emotions and not logical thinking. He says he needs space to heal himself. That we are still broken up, but that the door will always be opened for our relationship... what does that even mean?? And i am worried that the space he will take will last forever... i dont know how long i should wait for him to realize how silly this is or if i should move on... i want to apporach him again to talk about it because i dont want us to stay like this, but i dont want to push him away or seem desperate... i miss him and i want him back. I love him so much and i just want us to be together again... happy and in love... can someone please help me figure this out? What should i do? Should o go after him again and try to work it out? How can i fix this? What did i do wrong? I am sorry for this being so long.

    I think you need to explain it all to him properly
    Don't go to his work, you'll cause trouble and it's not the time or place
    Send him a message/ email/ letter like you've written here
    And then you have to wait and see what he does
    If he doesn't reply and want to talk to you then you have to accept it's over
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