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Driving lessons watch

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    I want to put in for my test
    My instructor won't let me ! I've been learning to drive with him for 21 months continuouslly every week 1 hour or 1.5 hours or 2 hours. Not had that much sick learning. a few holidays and him aswell a few holidays and cancelled for bad weather he did sometimes. Sometimes I get on well with my instructor other times he does my head in going on about his boat or his new house;( I know I can drive
    I don't do home practice never have never had anyone to do that with. I've spent a fortune. Last sept
    He said I was ready made
    Me book my test then when it came near he told me to push it back. Then when it came near again he told me to cancel. It's a new year now I've put in a whole
    Lot more practice I'm gutted coz I know others that got on great with him
    and passed I feel like I'm never going to get in and book a test. So many people told me to get rid of him I'm afraid I'll get A new instructor and fall into the same game they won't let me book;( I'm so gutted but I'm still going ahead with my goals I don't think
    I'm stupid I know I can drive I think he's trying to take advantage abit. He's a greedy man
    Frustrated he try's to dishearten me. I feel like deep inside my
    Confidence is up but it's hard to keep
    It high with him sitting next to me. I go on holiday next week a well needed one
    But when I'm back I was thinking of changing instructors any thoughts people? Dont ask me how much I've spent so far I know it's well Into a few thousand easily and I know for certain people are passing with under a grand of knowledge and are fine so why am I feeling pressured to keep playing his game ? It's so not fair please help anyone else having this same issue at the moment please share I'd like to hear your stories comments or thoughts ? Thanks
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    If he says you're not ready, what is his reasoning? He should be telling you what's still left to improve.

    Moving this thread to Learning to Drive.

    There's two possibilities that I can see,
    1. He's taking the p155 - maybe to get his new house .... But if you know other people who got on fine with him, presumably they never had this issue?
    2. He genuinely doesn't think you're ready. I know a lot of people how have said "they can drive" when they really couldn't yet - I was one of them, impatient to get my license etc. Have you done mock tests with him, how do you get on with them?

    If you genuinely don't agree with him and think you can drive, I'd advise you get another instructor to assess you. See if you can get recommendations from people who have used instructors in the recent past and ask them for a 2 hour lesson. If you explain to them straight up that you're not 100% on your old instructor I doubt anyone will be anything but truthful as the 2 hour session is basically all they'll get so there's no vested interests.

    21 months for 1 or 1.5hrs a week certainly does sound like a lot - I passed first time after 10x2hr lessons, but everyone has their own ability. I know someone who took years and only past on their 7th try.
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