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    Hey guys! I have been given an assignment from my TOK teacher to write an essay on the topic: "Humans are pattern seeking animals and we are adept at finding patterns whether they exist or not." Can anyone please help me with a claim, counterclaim and a real life example?

    hey! i wrote my essay about this question so i can maybe hint at what i discussed in case that helps any! i won't give you all the details of my essay, because i figure that might make it harder for you to come up with your own stuff

    in science: the search for constants in science assumes that there are constants to begin with (assumes that the universe functions according to a set of rules, it's impossible to incorporate phenomena that has yet to be observed into current explanations and patterns (i used classical physics and the photoelectric effect as an example)

    in history: the historian is in danger of establishing false parallels between events, can the cause-unfolding-impact model through which we're often taught history (particularly for, say, wars) accurately represent reality? (i try to touch on whether a more, perhaps, chemistry-based type of chain reaction model could realistically be applied to human history)

    in art: is a search for meaning (interpretation) the best or only valid way to approach art? how is art used to aid humans in the construction/perception of patterns? (i used Peter Brooks's theories on the role of narration)

    my TOK class was weeeiiiird because our teacher had literally 0 experience with any IB stuff and openly admitted to only having taken like 2 philosophy classes, that she had a lot of trouble with, at university... i also didn't do aaall that great on my TOK essay, so i'm by no means an authority on the subject, but hopefully this helps at least a bit hope it goes well for you!
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