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Struggling with my Christian faith. Watch


    (Original post by lowza)
    Hi guys, so I became a Christian (previously atheist/agnostic) about a year ago. It was, without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so, so grateful for God's influence in my life. However, I have been struggling an awful lot over the past few months and I'm looking for some guidance really.

    I'm sort of at a loss with faith. After a couple of weeks I usually feel such a strong urge that either He's there or that I need to come back to the right path but that hasn't happened this time. I started losing faith (I hate using that term but I can't think of any other way to describe it right now) about 3 or 4 months ago and its just not really come back.

    I still believe in Him, I regularly reread my testimony to try and inspire those feelings I had when I first became Christian but nothing comes back. One of the reasons is that I've stopped attending church and now, because its been so long, I feel nervous to go back. I'm not entirely sure its the right place for me, some of the sermons and practices haven't fit right in my mind and I'm starting to see my beliefs as more individual than collective. Despite my disagreements, I do think I need to go back to some place of worship as it is affecting me. Secondly, I'm the only non-atheist in my family so I can't go to the people I'm closest with for guidance because they actively try to discourage my faith. It's definitely hard to keep up a strong belief when you feel kind of isolated and there's no-one to physically pull you back.

    I haven't read my bible in ages as I've felt this strange anger towards it and sometimes its immensity stresses me out and I'm struggling to connect with my one Christian friend because we're at such different points in our journey with faith. The times I've tried to just pray or listen to hymns etc I only get frustrated and I don't have a pastor or a strong, non-judging figure of faith I can talk to and I feel like I have all this pent up upset that I can neither control or let out.

    I'm looking mostly for responses from other Christians but feel free to share your own other faith experience.
    I'm not a person of faith but my Grandad was so I'll give you some advice.

    The old ******* never went to church because he didn't need to, churches aren't needed to believe in God, you only need your own belief in him and enjoy your life while being kind and helpful to your fellow men, that is all God ever asks of you.

    You feel like you need to go to church, to read the bible all the time and have to do this or that but you don't, you are pressuring yourself too much over something God wouldn't ask you to do, do you honestly think God wants you to constantly worship him day in and out? No God doesn't.

    My Grandad lived the life he wanted and always held God in his heart, he even had a tattoo of Jesus on his chest to show his faith. The point is all you have to do is keep those lessons in your mind and keep your belief in God, you are not required to do anything more than be kind to your fellow men and enjoy life.

    (Original post by RogerOxon)
    I'm an Atheist.

    For many parts, that's a perfectly rational reaction.

    Do you know what you're upset about?

    You talk about 'faith' as if it's some admirable quality. It's definition is remarkably similar to gullibility.

    There is no evidence for a god, and we certainly don't live in the perfect world that any deserving of recognition would provide. Science now explains so much of what people created gods to hide their lack of an explanation for, that there simply is no reason to even suggest that one exists.

    broo thank you, I was really surprised at the lack of athiests here. This sums it up really well. believing in god is just as rational as believing in santa - the difference is that you're told santa isnt real lmao
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