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Kocy's Pre-Uni Summer Bucket watch

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    Big Aesthetic Title

    Hello person reading my topic. I'll update this over time and hopefully we'll see some of this go green. Yellow is good too. Yellow means I'm doing it, it's just ongoing and can't be counted as complete.

    Done, working on it, not done

    1. Read as many books as possible - I'm enjoying doing this outside in the local forest by the river.
    Read: Starship Titanic, 1Q84 Trilogy
    Reading: The Greek Myths, How Not To Be Wrong, 30 Second Psychology, John Winston Lennon vol. 1 (biography), Stephen Hawking (biography), Tess of the D'Urbervilles
    Lined up: Pride and Prejudice, A Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, AS Level Chemistry, something on Einstein, something on Newton
    2. Get very drunk. Repeat.
    3. Procrastinate less - use my time well!
    4. Make 4 digits by matched betting
    5. Learn more music theory - currently working through Troy Stetina series
    6. Learn keyboard - cover a Katatonia song?
    7. Visit the NHM
    8. Talk to some old friends
    9. Get ahead with some uni level maths.
    Analysis by Mary Hart
    Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics
    J&J Groups
    10. Spend some time writing
    11. Advance my chess
    12. Spend some time drawing - I need to find some oil pastels
    13. Buy a battle vest and get some cool patches for it
    14. Earmark some evenings to browse through the Britannica
    15. Work through at-least Volume 1 of The Feynman Lectures on Physics
    16. Gain a reasonable understanding of general and special relativity - possibly looking to get hold of a copy of Einstein's "The Theory of Relativity" to facilitate this.
    17. Redo the ASP.NET scripting for my Dad's website. I did a ****ing awful job of it.
    18. Watch the rest of The Godfather trilogy
    19. Get hold of The Sicillian so I can read the rest of The Godfather novels
    20. Make a new friend
    21. Watch Legend with family. "What are you gonna do with that, bake me a cake?"
    22. Fill half the space in my personal dictionary
    23. Rewatch Clannad and Afterstory
    24. Get a full metal band lineup together again, or squeeze my way back into an old one
    25. Find out more about vegetarianism - I'm thinking about going veggie once at uni.
    26. Get a working setup for LPs
    27. Remember to go back into college and actually officially leave!
    28. Locate the local used book shop
    29. Build a new computer for Dad - waiting on parts
    30. Finish soul-searching and decide what clearing degree I wanna do. I've definitely missed my offers.
    31. Improve my mental health. Good golly gosh darnit I am so lonely.
    32. Complete one of my personal research projects. I have a few ideas for testable hypotheses. Off the top of my head, I am interested to see if there is evidence of intelligence influencing natural selection in large vertebrates by comparing relative brain or cranium volume of a species against large vertebrate biodiversity at that place at that time. If it works, correlations may show for which species intelligence has had the greatest survival impact, flagging hotspots of intelligence growth for certain species and areas at particularly competitive points in time. More precisely, the rate of change of cranium volume should be related to the large vertebrate biodiversity. A mathematical relationship would make me very happy, although there's probably exactly zero chance of that - there's too many other factors involved in an ecosystem causing "noise" in the data for a nice power law to be evidenced. It would be quite easy to come up with an expression for a coefficient calculated by the inverse of the difference between the derivative of cranium volume size per unit mass of the animal and proportional rate of change of biodiversity for example, and that could have a data set plugged into it, which I could then analyze for patterns and see if it came up with anything meaningful. Yes, thinking about it more, I should be comparing the two rates of change, I believe.
    33. Choose a song I like and rearrange it for acoustic
    34. Write my own song.
    35. Record the song.
    36.Cook something fun.

    That's all for now, enjoy

    Sounds good - looking forward to seeing how it progresses
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    Progress on "Read as much as possible":

    I came into this beauty ^-^ I particularly like the section on "Travel", and the poem "The Vagabond". He really captured the essence of some poor wandering soul.

    Beautiful, yes?

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    > Started reading Tess of the d'Umbervilles - I love it, it's fantastically written, and I'm surprised how accessible the style of writing is considering it was written in the late 1800's. That said, it's adding a ton of words to my personal dictionary.

    > Making arrangements to be merry with college friends

    > Started drawing again, working on a whole piece for the first time in two years. Oil pastels. I'm a LOT out of practice. I changed my mind, I'm not showing you this disaster. xP

    That's all for today xP
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    > 21 Can confirm Legend is quite watchable, although it suffers gravely from the same lack of defined beginning-middle-end plot progression that most modern films do. Actually, that kind of life and death stuff always gets me down.

    > 2 Did the drink again. Don't do drinks kids, drinks are bad. *hic*

    > 36 Baked an Apple Crumble. Twas yum. I am literally Gordon Ramsey.... or at-least in my head, I am.

    > 23 I'm working through the first season of Clannad. I realized it's been several years since I watched it back at secondary school. I forgot how cringey edgelord grimdark Okazaki is. But it's in good fun, and still feelsy. Perhaps Death Note and Future Diary deserve rewatches, or then again maybe I should be doing something better with my time :/

    Hopefully the weather will clear up soon so we can enjoy some time outside. I've put feelers out to see if someone will go with me to the NHM #7. I want to see Archie the giant squid ^-^. Shame to miss Dippy's time in the great hall though; that dinosaur was an icon of London.
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