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    I've had anxiety, particularly social anxiety, and depression for at least 10 years now. I'm 28.
    I also feel like I'm really ugly. I finally started seeing a Counsellor about 4 months ago and she is encouraging me to try and get a hobby to meet new people and break up my mundane week.
    I don't feel like that will help though. I've tried that before and it gets me nowhere. I still have the feelings of me being boring, fat, ugly etc. How would that change? Is the Counsellor going in the right direction?
    She thinks it will build my confidence but I know I'm ugly so why would I try to trick myself into thinking I'm not.
    I've no friends and I'm incredibly lonely. I work all week and then sit in my room doing nothing all weekend which isn't great for my mental health either. I've missed out on so much of life already and I can never get it back.
    The Counsellor says that it's fine being a quiet person and maybe that's just my personality but I don't want it to be. I want to meet people, have a laugh and make nice memories. But I'll never get that anyway because I am ugly etc.
    I think I'm going to stop going to the Counsellor as it isn't helping.
    Has anyone seen a Counsellor for Social anxiety? How did they help/you overcome it?
    I don't see much of a future with this. It's a constant battle and I'm really tired of it now after so many years. I can't do this for the rest of my life.

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    Your counsellor has degrees and has studied for ages to get to where they are today - you'd do well to take on their advice. Secondly, constantly telling yourself you're ugly is a surefire way of ensuring that this negative view you have of yourself never changes - perhaps loop another, more positive thought around your head. It could be as simple as changing a disk in a CD player.

    Certain personality traits are like a muscle - they need to be trained; you won't have massive biceps after one gym session in the same way that you won't be a great communicator if you haven't gone out and socialised for some time. Try what she's recommending - it's in your hands...even though it doesn't feel like it.

    I understand how you're feeling because I've had anxiety in the past - I hated my photo being taken and have believed I was fat for years now (bare in mind I'm very athletic, too). My advice would be just to go into social interactions without thinking about it; try going to the pub...you'll be surprised at how many people you may end up talking to when you're there alone...even if it's a brief conversation whilst getting a drink at the bar - slow progress is better than no progress; best of luck, my friend.
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