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    I have just ended my tenancy at New Halls and thought I'd give an updated review/what its like/what you'll need, I have just finished my first year as an English student.
    Check out this TSR post for more of the technical details - https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=2240796
    I'll update some of the things in the above thread as it was from 2013, I am in Soar 56 which is an 8 person flat.
    The beds are larger than average single beds, I have found that double bed mattress sheets fit the length as well as this look in ikea or primark (I think I remember being told about primark)
    You don't need to buy all new bedding and duvets etc, I took a duvet and pillow that my nan had spare and it was fine just some new covers and it was as good as new.
    If you have a favourite teddy or something then bring it along you may think that people will think you're weird but I brought all 4 of mine and my flatmates would just come in and cuddle them and chill.
    The rooms are pretty well insulated, so much so that one of my flatmates kept her window open throughout the first 2 terms (in the winter). I am not too sure how well they are at keeping the noise out as i was next to the kitchen and had a quiet flat mate on the other side. On the kitchen side it would get kinda noisy mainly due to the music playing on the speakers.
    The room has a desk, draws, shelves, and a wardrobe (plenty of storage) as well as two pin boards. These boards are not the typical cork boards as they are a lot harder to get the pins in. Definitely get WHITE TACK, I dismissed it and used blue tack and it left the odd mark.
    Some of those sticky hook things would be useful as there are only 3 pegs and they aren't the best. The bathroom has 2 corner shelves in the shower section that can hold about 3 bottles each I'd say. You don't really need mats for inside the wetroom but one for outside the door would be good just to stand on and dry your feet.
    As said I am in an 8 person flat so there are 2 fridge freezers, 2 cookers, 2 ovens, 2 sinks and 2 kettles; only 1 microwave though. There is enough cupboards fro each person to have 2 each, so get in there quick especially regarding the shelf space in the fridge and freezer as I was sharing a fridge shelf for the whole year.
    Establish a cleaning schedule for the flat because you'd be surprised at the amount of people that do not wash up or tidy up, and if you are that person then everyone will make it known.
    It would be a good idea (if you have the same stuff as someone else) to put your initials on your items just so you don't get mixed up or into arguments over whose is whose.
    In regards to new appliances, I wouldn't recommend buying any until after you have seen the kitchen because then you will know what you want, for example maybe you want a toastie maker or a George Forman. But tbh the cookers work fine, but beware they stay hot for a while after use, I have melted my chopping board on it. The only downside of the kitchen is that there is definitely not enough worktop room for everyone.
    Our cleaner, Jane (is lovely), comes every Wednesday to clean the kitchen and the corridor, she also empties the bins everyday.

    There are fire alarm tests every Wednesday afternoon, so don't be alarmed if it starts going off.

    I have never really had a problem with mobile signal in my flat, maybe because i am right at the end by the windows and open spaces.

    I would defiantly suggest getting the academic year pass, for my year it was £219
    https://www.nctx.co.uk/fares-tickets/students-2/ (the website with all the info)
    you can hop on any bus without worrying about change, as the 4 does not give change so you have to have the exact change.
    Bus Fare - single is £2, day rider/return/city rider is £3.70 (allows for travel on any bus until 4:30am the next day.
    The pass is also helpful for nights out as you can get the uni bus back to campus or into town.

    The washing machines are located in reception and are £2 for a standard wash and £1 for a standard dry.

    Supermarket wise there is a small Tesco 10 minute walk away down the road (Along with a mcdonalds and KFC). Further into Clifton there is a Morrisons, Iceland, Farmfoods, small Boots and a Wilkinsons (google map it).
    You can also go to the massive 24hr ASDA in West Bridgeford (get the 4/1 and then get off at county hall and get the 10, the other thread explains it better)
    There is also an Aldi in the city (in Glasshouse, behind the Victoria Centre) which takes about 30 minutes via bus, or there is an Aldi on Daleside Rd in the East point Retail park (get the 4 and get off at trent bridge and then you'll have to walk about 20 minutes. Same time to get to the city one but this one is bigger).

    I hope this is helpful! Feel free to ask any questions that you may have and I'll try my best to answer them!
    p.s the contract for New Halls ends 28th July
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    I've popped this over in the NTU area of the site so it should get seen by potential/future students
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