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I've been looking online for the answer to my question and I can't find it, maybe I'm just being stupid.
Correct me if I'm wrong but what I understand so far is:
- Scottish loans are Plan 1
- They are taken off wages over around £17,00 at 9%
- Are cancelled after 35 years
- Interest rate is 1.25%
So my question is: is interest rate applied while we're actually studying and receiving the loan or only from when we start paying it off? And if it's the former does the interest rate for that year apply to each year's loan (like say for 2016/17 it was 1% of £4750 and then 17/18 1.25% will be applied to the £4750 instead).
I hope my question makes sense, I know how long winded it is! I'm just so confused and most things I've found online applies to England and Plan 2 and I've read that interest rate is applied while they're studying at RPI+3%!!
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According to the Student Loan Repayment website FAQ page (right down at the very bottom), "Interest is applied to student loans from the moment you receive your first payment until your loan is paid off in full." I believe that he interest rates are applied as follows:- e.g. 2015/16 rate applied to any outstanding balance was 0.9%, 2016/17 rate applied to any outstanding balance was 1.25% etc.. You can find out how much you owe by logging in to your student loan repayment account on the website, and using the Balance Calculator to work out how much you have left to pay.

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