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    Hi all, recently I fall in love with a girl at my university. it started when I found her staring at me and smiling without knowing each other. My friends encouraged me to talk to her and they helped me and it was clear to her that I like her and they are helping me, she was just smiling and her face turns red. Finally, I talked to her and from our first conversation everything was more than fine, she is an introvert and she didn't have a lot of friends and she is not interacting with her colleagues, But with me, she was smiling and starts new topics. She told me a lot about her life in our second conversation, her insecurities, and her personal problems. she even asked me for my opinion for different things. We both flirting and hinting that we both like each other. We hang out once and it was great. She even started the chat with me and when we don't chat for a time (3 days max) she comes and starts the conversation However, the problem is in the chat, she never replies instantly even if she is online. But she mentioned to me that she doesn't know how to deal with chats and she has lost many of her friends cuz of the chat without knowing the problem. Now she has traveled for 2 months in a volunteering program, I tried to be in touch with her daily so she always can find me beside her, she still replies late. I know she is busy but I feel jealous she is wasting time with other boys there but she can't find me a time so we can have a talk. She mentioned many times that she appreciates that I do care for her and always trying to contact her but I still feel that she doesn't care for me. Last time I was waiting for her to get back home, but she didn't inform me, then I sent her
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    ew basics:

    1. Don't be clingy;
    2. Have other options and have a life;
    3. Put yourself and your goals first;
    4. Never put girls on a pedestal;
    5. No, she's not the best thing that's ever going to happen to you;
    6. Do not get yourself in the dreaded friend zone;
    7. Do not get attached too quickly or too deeply (ideally, never get attached);
    8. Do not ask her friends for advice about her;
    9. Do not delude yourself into thinking you are her only one (not for now anyway);
    10. And always remember this: the first one to say, "I love you" loses.
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    I know that if you're using facebook the chats sometimes say that people are online when they're actually not so don't be misled by that. She most likely is busy but she should take time to talk to you as well. You could bring it up with her casually one day or arrange a certain time during the day to call her which would probably be a good idea if she's taking ages to reply back. No offence but you deserve a lot better, you wanna be with someone who takes the time to talk to you and not ignore you (if she does that) or make you feel upset and jealous. Reciprocity is one of the most important things in any relationship
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