xjules123x Summer Bucket List!

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Here is a list of activites I hope to cover over the summer holidays:

- Complete all summer work during the first week of the holidays.
- Do yoga at least 3 times a week.
- Learn my favourite song on guitar.
- Lose weight.
- Go camping.
- Do a fundraiser activity.
- Stop procrastinating on work.
- Get a job.
- Meet new people.
- Stay out late and be rebellious.
- Watch live music.
- Sneak out
- Get driving lessons.
- Do a random act of kindness everyday.
- Baby sit.
- Kiss a guy.
- Raise awareness about environmental dangers.
- Start a blog with my best friend.
- Go swimming in the sea
-Go crab fishing.
- Go on hikes.
- Carry on my vegetarianism for the whole summer.
- Revise in preparation for my A2 exams next year.
- Finish 3 books.
- Wear sun cream every day - even on cloudy days.
- Arrange to meet up with my friends regularly.
- Become spontaneous.
- Buy more clothes from charity shops.
- Increase my stamina and fitness.
- Develop my photography skills.
- Work on my looks.
- Take day trips.
- Do the scorpion and a backbend.
- Keep up my journal.
-Improve my foreign language skills.
- Play board games with my family.
- Get crafty.
- Stargaze and learn new constellations.
- Meditate.
- Make a revision timetable for the upcoming school year.
- Visit a farm.
- Visit Hippie Clothing stores.
- Up-cycle a piece of old clothing.
- Inspire people to be individual.
- Dance and listen to music EVERY DAY.
- Go to the library.
- Learn how to give a massage.
- Tidy my room and keep it organised.
- Sort out unwanted belongings.
- Eat as often outside.
- Canoeing.
- Movie night with friends.
- Make a love potion.
- Listen to nature sounds.
- Promote peace, love and happiness.
- Join a hippie commune.
- Enjoy life while I'm young and be a carefree free-spirit.

I believe I'll be able to achieve all these things over the summer.
Peace and love everybody.
ron weasleys
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Good luck! It looks like you've got a fun summer ahead of you

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