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knit one

when knitting a stitch

the yarn is held at the back

and he said to her that's it

i am so over you

purl one

when purling a stitch

the yarn is held at the front

and she says what about the kids

you only think of yourself

knit one

then her ex comes in and gives it all that

purl one

well i tell you it all kicked off

knit one

so she come round here last night

purl one

all tearful like with the kids

knit one

and we all had pizza

purl one

knit two

her ex is taking her down the social

purl two

and tomorrow she is getting a new tattoo

on her hoo-hah

If you don’t move the yarn from back to front and front to back between knit and purl stitches, you will end up with extra stitches on your needle and a rectangular piece that quickly begins to resemble a triangle.

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