MSc Applied Social Psychology or Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics?

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I've recently graduated with a BSc in Psychology and seriously toying with the idea in doing a masters. Though I've found myself in a bit of a dilemma. There are two masters courses that really interest me; Applied Social Psychology from the University of Sussex or Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics from the University of Birmingham.

Though I'm bit conscious with both choices though. One thing I'd like to know from people who are currently doing or have done an Applied Social Psychology MSc, what kind of career opportunities are open to you? Personally, I cannot see myself going onto doing a PhD afters the masters so a career in academia is something I'm not striving for, nor am I striving for a career in the clinical sector (maybe in the future though). Nevertheless, social psychology has always been my favourite part of my Uni experience. The topics learnt seem to click with me and it is really interested to learn and about and actually observe in the real world. So, besides these two possible pathways what other careers can this MSc provide you with the opportunity with?

Now turning to Computational Neuroscience MSc, I love the idea of learning key skills of programming which it promises to teach me. I've learnt the basics of PHP, Javascript, CSS, RegExp and MySQL from a web programming module offered to me at my current Uni. Also, some of the projects that have been undertook by prior students who have taken this course sound fascinating. One was determining sleep patterns using fMRI scans (sounds awesome!). However, my biggest concern with this course is that I don't know how accessible this course would be for someone with a Psychological background. From reading all of the modules it offers it sounds very mathematical and programming based. So my question is: how accessible is this course for people from a psychological background only?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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I know this post is a bit late; but for anyone else reading this:

I personally would recommend anyone with psychology background to not bother doing their post grad research or jobs in social psychology (you can still study it in your own time); but for postgrad research and jobs, you would be much better of at converting to interdisciplinary STEMM / hard sciences; that is to say Computational Neuroscience (or related fields) in that case. Career-wise it would be a lot better as this is what i intend to do.

Best wishes.

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