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Britain to ban sale of all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 watch


    This is a great move, it's about time we started looking out for the planet and think of future generations. Electric cars are a much better option.
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    (Original post by brimstone131)
    you've got a point, but i think you're flawed on two counts

    1. you assume that manufacturers will choose the right path and develop EV tech, instead of the easier and cheaper path, which is doing what they're already doing. We'll ignore the fact that despite it's huge successes, TESLA has reported over 16 straight quarter losses - losing 330mill in the first 3 months of the year. You already have combustion engine cars from BMW, VW that would comply after 2040.

    2. I agree that tech normally produces the answer, but you cannot expect to chuck money at the problem and for it to produce results. You never know, we might actually see a resurgence in fuel cells or a completely new tech..

    (Original post by PTMalewski)
    The development of electric cars was however indeed hindered for odd reasons. In 80 ties and 90ties, GM, NASA and Toyota were working on electric cars, and prototypes some of which were hired to regular custumers, proved very efficient, with perfectly usable range and sufficient top speed of over 100kph. All the projects were scrapped, only Toyota came up with a hybrid Prius a couple of years later. It indeed could have been because fully electric cars are much simplier, more reliable and require much less maintenance than internal combustion engine cars. The companies would earn much less money on selling spare parts and offering service for their cars. Traditional cars require service every 12-19k miles. Fully electric car would do perfectly well without any service, for about 90k miles, maybe exept changing brake pads and discs, which is cheap and very easy.


    Hmm... The car actually isn't affordable... It's a compact car, and those are avaible for a price over two times lower. For a driver who makes 19k miles a year it would take 10 years for Tesla to pay back, if we ignore the costs of service which should be 5-10 times lower than the cost of fuel, presuming the conventional car uses 7 litres of fuel on average... So it's nice high performance premium sedan, but not an economical car. In my eyes, Tesla is an expensive gadged like an Iphone. It exists only thanks to powerful marketing, offereing no significant advantage to the clients.

    Btw. the interior in that Tesla just made my day... Why produce an expensive conventional console and instruments, while you can put there just a single touch screen which is a lot cheaper...

    There is though one reason why they'll now be going towards electric cars. The internal combustion engine is on the edge in terms of fulfilling the emission regulations. So the reason to go towards hybrids and electric cars lies in the law. Still, the conventional cars would improve if they were as light as their ancestors from the 70ties, only the market does not want loud, uncofortable lightweights, neither the law, doesn't help such way of development.

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