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    (Original post by Paracosm)
    Dear second year French teacher,

    I remain so disappointed in your lazy, uninspiring teaching. You failed to represent your subject as it really is, an amazing opportunity, exposure to a rich and invigorating culture and I am ashamed to have ever called you my teacher. I should not have had to teach myself all of A2 because you were too inept and would rather discuss nonsense like class members smoking than actually doing your job.

    Shame on you.
    I had a teacher who was very similar at college...
    My point would be very similar to that of yours.
    So no need for repetition.
    (Original post by CheeseIsVeg)
    It was so good! Each week one of us would bake/buy cake for the others to share :ahee:
    CAKE mmm. I LOVEEE THE CAKEE (Little Britain Quote, if you didnt get it)
    Cakewednesday is a good motivator

    (Original post by chelseadagg3r)
    Dear GCSE IT teacher,
    You are a horrible person and I do not regret calling you out on that. I was relieved when you were banned from teaching. The way you treated me and other disabled students was appalling. I passed my GCSEs with pretty great grades considering everything by the way. I was really disappointed when you weren't at results day so I could pull you up on that time you shouted at me saying that I was useless and would fail every single GCSE in front of all IT support staff, my own class, and a full younger class.
    Jesus Christ, they sound like a right waste of space.. i wouldn't have wanted to be you in the mistreated position, and you, nor any other disabled student should deserve to be treated so. At least you could prove the imbecile wrong in the end

    Dear Maths Teacher,
    The last 2 years have been great, but with you teaching maths they were even better
    You made me think that all the haters of life and the rude people who don't give a #### are just wasteful and deserve to be proved wrong, and thats what I go forth with, regardless of the Results i receive on Aug 17th. You made my 2 years at college liveable, besides all the ####'s being rude to me 24/7 and being bullying ####'s.
    Thanks soo much

    Dear teacher,

    Instead of telling me to not take things so hard, perhaps you should have put a stop to the bullying.

    Yours Sincerely,

    A student whose mental health will be forever compromised

    Starting with the good ones.

    Dear secondary school form tutor,

    I moved into your class because I felt unsupported by my old tutor and ostracised by my peers. I was initially nervous but it turns out it was the best decision that I made during my secondary school years. You were a lot of fun but strict when you needed to be. I feel like everyone in that class can honestly say that you were the best tutor, hands-down.

    Dear GCSE drama teacher,

    Thank you for instilling a sense of confidence that I never had before. Being in your class and having your support really lifted my spirits and made me accept myself more. Unfortunately I've lost some of that confidence but I still remember your classes fondly.

    Now the bad ones:

    Dear A-level biology teacher,

    I don't know if you ever managed to learn how to pronounce my name properly, despite the fact that I told you many times how to say it, but I just hope that someone else doesn't come in with the same name as me. Frankly, I'm not sure how you managed to butcher the pronunciation in the first place considering it's an English name, but the fact you continued to do it throughout the entire year boggles my mind.

    Dear secondary school maths teacher,

    When I first come into your class and apologise for being late with a legitimate reason I don't expect you to make a scene by telling me to go outside and embarrassing me in front of my peers, a couple of which I had recently had a nasty falling out with. I was able to tolerate you by the end but that first impression of you was awful.

    Dear Ms. H,

    You were definitely one of the strictest English teachers in the department, but also one of the most down-to-Earth, inspirational, and motivational women I have ever had the privilege to meet. I have thoroughly enjoyed our end-of-class discussions about the hard-hitting topics like family issues, rebellion, and the harsh nature of the "real world", but you never failed to consistently put a light-hearted spin into issues with your funny anecdotes and scopes of wisdom. It really encourages the class to look at the world in a more optimistic light and to tackle our lives with actions of grounded morals.

    Not only did you guide my analytical skills in the English language and helped me get a 7 (A 7?! I WAS EXPECTING A 4 IN MY IB ENG EXAMS) but you helped expand my worldview and gave me the courage to pick myself up from the low points in my life. You actually believed in me, and that is something that drastically exceeds the value of just getting a top mark for my English exams.

    I thank you for everything. I wish you the best in everything in the future.

    Yours sincerely,


    Dear english teacher,
    Your wittiness is what made the class fun. Other than that youre a pretty bad teacher who failed to control the class.

    Dear science teacher,
    Your lectures were very motivational but had nothing to do with the lesson.

    Dear teacher,

    Thank you for never showing up to class so that I was forced to socialise with others in the class instead of learning Biology.
    The skills gained really helped me when I got to university.

    Kind Regards,

    (Original post by summer1311)

    Aww this is really sweet!
    haha, thanks. As said before, i am quite extra and though the teachers have had varying degrees of helpfulness, but all deserved a bit of a thank you.

    Dear History Teacher: How the hell are you still employed?
    All you do is make loud noises, crack jokes and watch movies with no historical credibility like The Mummy Returns.

    Dear Mrs Atkins

    Thanks a lot for being like the worst English language teacher ever, now I'll have to resit in sixth form, praying to god I don't have you again!

    From that girl who was on her phone as well as EVERYONE ELSE ON THEIR PHONE TOO

    Dear Teachers,

    English: One of the best I ever had, thanks.

    Maths: It was like Jekyll and Hyde, one was good, the other not so.

    Science: Could not have had better teachers.

    French: You were good at french, but could do better to control the class.

    Computer Science: -_- Not once did we do any theory.

    PE: Thank you for indirectly insulting me about my non-existent sport skills. -_-

    Graphics: You were too ambigious about what you said that Im sure our class failed. Many thanks -_-

    Dear all teachers,
    You were all amazing and massively helpful during my secondary school years. I will miss these 5 years

    I wish you would stop bending over to the desk in front of me and sticking your bum in my face 😐

    Dear Maths Teacher
    Thank you for believing in me throughout the last two years of sixth. Although you'll never know this I was depressed and suicidal when I started year 12. You were always willing to help me with my questions and always had time to help me even though I came and asked for outside of lesson help at least twice a week. This mattered enormously for me. No matter what results I get I am thankful to you for your patience in helping me with the biggest challenge of sixth form for me.

    From a former y13 student

    Dear French teachers

    I'm really sorry i lied to you guys about watching the dvds you leant me. But they just didn't seem that interesting

    Dear the entire religious education départ

    I hope you will one day understand that the homophobia you preached to use was harmful rather than helpful. Although me and my friends had each other to lean on, i remain worried for the lgbt kids in my school who haven't found friends yet. I hope they can remain strong during their remaining time at our school

    Dear Ms G,

    I am so sorry I was horrible riot. Even though I was a promising student I ditched your classes and I know you were disappointed.

    I am making up for it now though as I am now studying your subject at Uni. (Quite a bit later than my peers!)

    Dear Ms D,

    I am not apologising. You are an art teacher not an artist. There is no 'right' way to draw a nose. You are a rude and unpleasant woman.

    Your prized still life taxidermied alligator is on top of the roof of the Science block. I hope it rots.

    Dear GCSE English teacher:
    I'm sorry I used you as a counsellor in the second half of year 11. It was very wrong of me to do so and I regret telling you such personal, serious things that were left like a burden on you. Even though I know you got truly sick of the sight of me at your door, you were always there for me and you were a role model to me, so thank you, I can never be more grateful for your help and listening. Also, thank you for being the best, funniest and wittiest teacher I've ever had the privelidge to have. It's been a year since I left school and I still miss your lessons.

    Dear GCSE history teacher:
    I am grateful beyond words for having you in year 11. You helped me go from a U grade to an A in the space of 8 months, which is the most progress ive ever made in a subject. I loathed history for 2 years until I had you, and you turned that around. Your sheer passion for teaching history definitely transferred onto your students, and I can speak on behalf of the whole class when I say that even though you scared us sometimes, you're one of the best damn teachers any of us have ever encountered. Please stay in the teaching profession, you're bloody good at it.

    Dear GCSE maths teacher:
    If you hate kids and hate working with kids, don't go into teaching.

    Dear form tutor

    I do not see any reason as to why you felt the need to pick on me all the time.
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    Dear year 9 biology teacher number 1,
    I don't know why you were asked for leave (or even if you actually were, and year 9 biology teacher number 2 wasn't just making it up), but I can tell you that you were easily the second best biology teacher we had for any length of time (and the best was the head of science, so you as a brand new to the school NQT can be pretty proud of that). It was a shame you couldn't have stayed though, might not have had to self teach the remainder of B1 and all of B2 if we'd had you the whole time!

    Dear year 9 biology teacher number 2,
    Well done, you can successfully read a textbook every lesson! Might have been nice if you'd done something other than that (and tell us stories about the rainforest which, coincidently were nothing to do with anything we were learning about). There were topics you should have taught us where we got to later units and had to start from scratch because evidently you just skipped them. Not that it really matters seeing as we were basically self-teaching as you certainly weren't teaching us anything useful! It would have been better if you'd told the school that you didn't know us well enough to do our reports after having us for 3 lessons rather than giving us random effort and attainment grades and ruining the streak of perfect effort rating a lot of our class had though!
    Hope you enjoyed your 3 year trip to South America you were off on after you left us mid-term (perhaps if you'd had a metaphorical backbone then you might have refuse to stay "just a few weeks/months longer" and we might have had some proper cover arranged for us rather than the mis-match of teachers they gave us for the 6 weeks after you left (where we could have actually been learning!)

    Dear year 9 biology teacher number 4,
    We only had you for a few lessons, but at least we did stuff, and actually learnt something in them! Shame you decided you'd rather teach set 3 than us in set 2, some of us might have actually passed B2 without putting hours and hours and hours of extra work in...and that's before the revision started! Thank you for the great last lesson of the year though! Standing talking on the field with our friends was a much better lesson than actually learning properly about quadrats for an hour (and we as a class did actually still remember that lesson nearly 2 years later when our teacher was gap filling the topics we missed (and not because of you either))

    Dear year 10 biology teacher,
    Wow, I don't know where to start. You are a horrible excuse for a teacher. You have no concept of class control and I'm not sure you understood much biology either. Your excuse of "you're a chemistry teacher" clearly is no good for us when we are meant to be learning biology with you. The fact it took you 45 minutes to take the register in lesson 1 speaks volumes. Our class is a great class who we have with several teachers so you were clearly the problem. If you hadn't already guessed, it was me that suggested to the head of science she popped in to our lesson after 3 weeks and we hadn't even covered basic cells! It was extremely amusing for us having her come in for the final 10 minutes when we hadn't even finished the starter and ask someone what they'd learnt this lesson only for them to announce "nothing" Oh and we clearly stated that we had two topics left of B1 to cover so you can't claim innocence to that at all. Although we somehow managed to get behind again by the end of the year (as in, behind the other classes who in the same time had managed to cover all the content for B2 plus the end of B1 plus a controlled assessment). All those after school sessions throughout not only year 11 (which is sort of to be expected), but also year 10 were basically the head of science covering for your incompetency at reading a specification to cover all the topics.
    The rudeness you displayed to me was unacceptable of a teacher, as was your general treatment of many members of the class doing (shock horror) as you told us to! Turning up to all lessons (including those right after lunch) over 10 minutes later is also unacceptable, as it meant we missing over 1/6 of our biology lessons throughout year 10. Teachers who came from further away than you, plus *all* the students without fail were in their classrooms before you came into view (you could see several minutes walk away from the corridor). Shouting at us for answering another teacher's question of why we were still in the corridor 10 minutes into a lesson is also unacceptable.
    Setting homework off the homework timetable makes things difficult for everyone. When I'm performing all weekend, I clear all my homework out the way so I can enjoy performing. Setting a large amount of homework with extensive research required on the Friday due in on the Monday is not acceptable, and with it being off timetable makes it even worse. As a teacher you should be flexible, so if approached politely asking for an extension as I am under license to perform all weekend, given the work was not urgent you should allow this. And if you refuse, at least have the decency to collect in the work!
    Reports should not be done on how much you hate the children. I am fully aware you hated me, probably right from the beginning but my current attainment grade should not go down because you're in a bad mood with me this week. Nor my effort grade. I probably put the most effort into biology (in order to retrain myself from screaming at your incompetency). My maths teacher taught us more biology than you did!
    To hide your incompetency you shouldn't be telling us which paper our end of year paper would be so that people will go and look it up and come back with brilliant results. The last few lessons of the year should not be filled with the end of topic tests "we said we didn't want to do until the end of the year". Firstly, WE DIDN'T SAY THAT, DO NOT LIE. Secondly, we've just done an end of year test why would we do another one which you won't mark? Our physics teacher can mark a class set of papers overnight. You can't mark a class set in 4 weeks!
    I probably did cause you the most problems from outside the classroom. It's one of the benefits of being teacher's pet that the teacher's trust your judgement. So yes the head of science came in many times because I suggested/ asked her to. Our chemistry teacher came in after the class moaned too much about you after a particularly bad lesson, our physics teacher had to put up with our constant moans about you so he came in as well. You had a governors review and the head of faculty came in because I utilise my connections well. But you deserved it. You were a useless teacher. I was so gutted you weren't leaving, and you still haven't left. I feel genuinely sorry for those who have to put up with you as a teacher. You, almost singlehandedly ruined any positive opinion I had of biology. You taught us so slowly we never had a chance to do a controlled assessment til our year 11 teacher had to rush to fit a single one in (when for all other sciences we fitted in three with tonnes of time to spare.)
    If my biology grade is low, it is your fault. I'm almost crying with anger at your actions when they were over a year ago now.

    Dear year 11 biology teacher (and head of science),
    You honestly couldn't be more different from our year 10 biology teacher. Apart from the fact your classroom is on the top floor and always freezing, everything about your lessons are so much better.
    My understanding of biology was extremely limited before you took over our class. The number of hours you put in to bring our class up from the Ds and Es a lot of us were getting in November to the hopefully As we got in May and June. The time after school you gave up was amazing, and I honestly couldn't have done it without you. You raised my enthusiasm for biology ten-fold! I admit I didn't always understand a lot of what you said (especially the triple science) but if you hadn't put in the effort to help us I'd have understood a lot less.
    Thank you for listening to our (well particularly my) concerns with our year 10 biology teacher. I'm sorry that you ended up teacher three triple science sets in our year even though you would usually only take one. Thank you for always having the time to talk, and to listen to concerns and help with biology. If we hadn't had you for a teacher I genuinely believe the highest grade I would have got for biology would have been a C if I was lucky. You saw my B1 mock result. I had no understanding of biology at all. Slowly through all your hard work (well and mine), the day before the exam I got an A in a past paper.
    You were teaching us new things pretty much up until the day before the exam. I'm sure covering most of a unit using homework together with this made it very stressful, especially as we missed more and more lessons for exams etc.
    I definitely couldn't have done it without you. I hope my grade this summer makes you proud.

    Dear Form Tutor 1,
    You are amazing! I'm not quite sure what to say apart from that. Your dedication was so good, and your determination to get through was so inspiring. I know we weren't always the easiest form to have but we got through it. You always would listen, and try to put things right (although not even you could get through to my year 9 maths teacher that her work was easy and I was bored).
    Having you for history in year 10 was great. You inspired my interest in history, and although our class, again, was awful you managed to differentiate between those who needed to be writing a few straight facts to those who would be looking for higher grades. I'm looking at full ums for that unit (admittedly the grade boundaries are quite low though). Making us make notes as we went along was honestly one of the most useful things you could have done (although I hated it at the time :lol:)
    It was great to see you at prom, and I hope you have a great married life and future

    Dear form tutor 2,
    Perhaps having such as a great form tutor for 3 years meant that we had high expectations. Or perhaps you were just useless. I know what gets my vote. You couldn't even manage to turn up on time most days. Even on our prom day where we had to come and be registered before the final assembly you were over 15 minutes late! You were lazy. You were overly strict. You shouldn't be allowed a form. You were the only form tutor who continued with the PSHE program for more than 30 minutes out of the hour lesson. Many teachers let their classes spend the time doing whatever they wanted. Then you were the only form tutor who managed to spread 3 slides of a powerpoint out into 25 minutes when it shouldn't have taken more than 5. You forgot everything. You always assumed I would do everything for you, as if I was your personal assistant.
    So happy I've escaped you!

    Dear history teacher 4,
    You may not have been the teacher I wanted, especially after I was so disappointed my favourite teacher left, but you were good. Possibly not so much with the lower ability students who needed a lot of encouraging before they engaged with anything, but for me you were good. Especially once you eventually got the seating plan so I was conveniently right next to one of my best friends (who also was conveniently much better at history than me!). I'm not quite sure what I did in my controlled assessment that deserved 9 more marks than my friend, but I'm sure it was your feedback that pulled it up (and I'm so glad you told us what we got even if you did get in a bit of trouble for it, it really helped to put my mind at rest).
    Sorry I really didn't like the unit you had to teach us (it was just sooo :yawn: boring!) Thank you for all the work you put in though

    Dear year 7 maths teacher 4 (of 7),
    Thank you for differentiating the work for us. Thank you for locating those who really engage with maths and putting us together. Thank you for helping me through year 9 when the maths really was painfully boring for me, even though you weren't teaching us any more. Thank you for entering us into that first maths competition so we could really realise our potential. Thank you for all you did. (though I'm not sure I've forgiven you for leaving without telling us)

    Dear maths teacher 10,
    As we've probably told you a million times, you are amazing. Your enthusiasm grips everyone. Your knowledge of maths is so extensive (and your mistakes often amusing). All the time you gave up for us is much appreciated, from the lunch time revision to the line by line comments ready for improvement on our statistics coursework to the time you spent planning things for us and the after school sessions you did for us. Almost no homework for 2 years was also much appreciated I know for a fact you inspired so many of our class to take maths further. When I found out you were leaving I was basically crying. I know you loved teaching our class, but we loved having you as our teacher. Most of us would do anything to have us as our teacher for A level (even though you've never taught A level and aren't living in the country any more, I'm sure you'd do a better job than many).
    Good luck with your future, keep teaching maths (and don't let your family badger you into having children before you're ready!)
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    (Original post by Ucanrevisethis)
    Dear Maths Teacher
    Thank you for believing in me throughout the last two years of sixth. Although you'll never know this I was depressed and suicidal when I started year 12. You were always willing to help me with my questions and always had time to help me even though I came and asked for outside of lesson help at least twice a week. This mattered enormously for me. No matter what results I get I am thankful to you for your patience in helping me with the biggest challenge of sixth form for me.

    From a former y13 student

    (Original post by Friffinghell)

    Your prized still life taxidermied alligator is on top of the roof of the Science block. I hope it rots.

    (Original post by Lemur14)
    Dear year 9 biology teacher number 1...
    ...Good luck with your future, keep teaching maths (and don't let your family badger you into having children before you're ready!)
    an emotional rollercoaster!

    Dear my A Level English Teachers,
    You both were so passionate about English 😂 As much as I love Psychology I'd say. Thanks for helping me so much these 2 years, I'm hoping it has paid off. Thank you Mr B for your weird quirks that made you funny to watch when you went on a long discussion about an idea. Mr W thank you for staying after school with me to help me with coursework (since the department didn't mark it well).

    Mr U I didnt have you for both years but during A2 you were brilliant! You helped me understand the content and went over areas where our other biology teacher failed :3

    Ms N (other bio teacher) you were mostly useless.. you missed out key sections that the whole class had to go over later. People tried telling you but you wouldn't have it.. towards end of the year people stopped turning up since you made us do some pointless presentations instead of helping us revise or go over anything we didn't understand. You helped me very little but it's not as if you didn't try at all.. just wished you stepped up your game a bit.

    My psychology teachers.. my fav teacher Mrs F was funny, passionate and extremely dedicated to her job. She joked about how she was going to go home and mark our work since that was her entire life (though I'm sure whether she had time she thought of us). I'm glad we are keeping in contact, it'll be nice considering I'm studying Psychology at Uni

    My other Psych teacher I only had for A2 but he was equally dedicated. He knew so much about his subject area, knew his studies and knew the exam board well (I think he actually does some work with them). Developed our essay writing skills and giving excellent feedback for every essay we wrote (gave us a 16 marker on topic we had just done).

    I'd love to be able to look at my teachers and tell them I've got into my firm choice.. hope most of them are there on results day

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