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Strangest, funniest or outrageous things you have seen at school/uni [Golden thread] watch


    We used to jump this meter high fence to go to the shops during secondary school until the second year (year 11) when the school finally decided they'd had enough and built a proper anti-climb fence. My secondary school was only for year 10 and 11 as previous years came from the high school.

    Personally I'd come from a proper year 7-11 secondary outside of the area so was used to these anti-climb fences and it was always seen as a 'big' thing when someone jumped them, seeing it was more an act of rebellion or for attention. Plus years 10 and 11 (eventually just year 11) were allowed off site anyway during Lunch, usually to go to the chippy so it wasn't worth the hassle, you could just bribe older students to buy stuff and pass it through the gates.

    Anyway we'd used to climb the previous gates during out breaks and lunches to go to two corner shops 2 minutes walk around the corner from our school. Not wanting to give this up we all decided to climb these new fences without a second thought. Keep in mind about 30-100 pupils did this per day (due to only two years our school had about 800 pupils per year).

    Everything went well until 3-4 months into this. One of the Chavs jumped over the fence and caught one of his rings. As he tried to jump off this ripped his finger clean off. He was rushed to hospital but they couldn't reattach it.

    Did this stop us? Not at all, just it used to be funny seeing the chavs take 5-10 minutes to struggle to take all their rings off to climb the fence, which they stopped after 3-4 weeks. Then two months after the original incident another chav, a girl this time, did exactly the same thing.The teachers still never put someone on patrol near those gates more than once or twice! :lol:

    We had a new geography teacher come into the school. He had videos on YouTube as a sort online personal trainer/motivational speaker kind of thing. He left the school fairly quickly after the Year 8s discovered it, and essentially laughed him out.

    Year 7, the other class locked their French teacher in the stationary cupboard.

    Had a seagull fly into the canteen and cause chaos.

    Music in Y8, we had these new ukuleles and managed to get banned from using them within the first ten minutes of the class, for the rest of the year - in the first week of September.

    Probably, during my first year of sixth form, when I had bird or dog crap on my shoe, and i didn't notice until halfway through class in the morning. we could smell this vomity smell around the table, and I looked down and it's just there, stuck on my shoe and had to go wash it off. it looked like a cross between vomit and crap. I almost puked, myself.

    And, my teacher dressing up as a fairy. That was weird, but nice.

    Oh, and in primary school, i remember swearing extremely loudly when I was about 5 or 6, either in reception or year one, because we were going around in a circle, saying words that ended in UCK. When it got to me, the letter was F so I said **** and I seemed so proud of myself and happy, and the teacher was in tears.

    My Psychology teacher in sixth form also almost ran over my English teacher, who was riding his motorcycle ( more than once ). She always almosts runs over motorcyclists, and he hated her. She also told the class ( for some reason) that she followed someone on the motorway for 30 minutes when they cut her off, following them off the motorway, and even getting out of her car at the traffic lights to confront them, before they drove off.

    There was also a guy in my school, who I dated in year 8, but it wasn't serious. But, basically, he's literally been out with almost every girl in school, and he once went out with this girl, let's - call her Maddy - in year 9, cheated on her with this other girl, who I will call Elina, then cheated on Elina with Maddy, and then cheated on Maddy, who he was now dating with another girl. And, him and Maddy are schockling still together, even at the end of year 13. It was so stupid and always makes me laugh.

    A guy who I knew from the school plays/musicals who was a great actor in the year above me ended up on TV about two or three years ago, pranking a sports reporter and it was really funny.
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