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    ???? which one?

    Hey Eugene!

    I'm a recent graduate from Middlesex, and I think I can try to help you "a little"!

    Both courses are good, and really it is going to depend on what you wish to do as a filmmaker, there is a gigantic difference between Middlesex and Sunderland, that you can see from just consulting the information on the website, in Sunderland in the information section about the film course it says "Compared to some of our other media-related courses, this course has more emphasis on theory".

    Unless the theory side is what you want to do, become a film critic, a lecturer, etc... I cannot stress enough how important the practical side of filmmaking is! At Middlesex we literally have the best of two world! While we have a little more focus on the practical side we understand that theory is essential, but, there is absolutely no point on knowing theory if you don't put it to practise, the best way of learning is by making mistakes and learning from them!

    At Middlesex from year 1 we start to make small film assignments from the first week, indeed, the first day is a class in Central London, and right away you are given a camera and asked to capture what the Spirit of London means to you, after that every week you are given a new task that focus on something different, so that in this way you learn how to properly use, screenwriting, lights, sound recording, sound designing, directing, camera, editing, etc... we try to cover everything and put everyone on the same level during the first year. Then on the second we ask you to start to specialise in a given position and third you get you dissertation project, ether right a feature script, make a 10 minute short film, or write a piece of academic work.

    In true honesty I've been now running for a few years in production companies and I've just finished working on my first feature film, and the complain that I heard most was that the new runners coming out of universities never actually know enough, on the end of this specific production I told them I had just graduated from a Film course and they didn't want to believe, the amount of training and experience you carry on your back after finishing the course at Middlesex is actually amazing! That's why we are second to no other university in terms of Film studies.

    Another big difference that should be enough to change your mind is the location! Most of the film industry in based in London, the BFI is right at our doorstep and London in itself is a perfect mix of a Creative and aged city with so much to do and see that you will never get enough of London!

    This is what I can tell you from Middlesex University, if you have more question please don't hesitate to send me a message here or privately.

    And I hope someone from Sunderland can also tell you something from their side =D


    Ruben D.
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