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Feminism is now about women wanting to be men Watch

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    Men are exicting, rebellious, dominant, confident, dangerous, single-minded, risk-tasking, muscular, adventurous. Women are sensible, safe, responsible, risk-averse, unsure, gentle, compliant.

    Girls do better at school overall because they easily go along with doing what they are told (compliance, docility, non-assertive) boys are rebellious and don't want to be told what to do.

    Men are more likely to be violent and involved with anti-social behaviours like drugs, heavy drinking, promiscuity, gambling (dangerous and risk-taking). Women are more boring but are more sensible.

    Women are needed as mothers by nature and so they must be responsible and more gentle. Men are aggressive because beating off all the competition in a war means their tribe will get all the women. So the risk of fighting is worthwhile and being a risk-taker is worth-while. And they then need to protect their women and tribesso need to be aggressive.

    Modern feminism is women trying to be like men in order to become more powerful in society than men, the last thing they want to be is a woman. So many of them now want to be more muscular and don't want a conventional female body with 20-30% fat (necessary for pregnancy). In the future the womb will be outside the woman's body, enabling them to feel freer (like men alwasy have), and generally do away with a lot of biological femaleness.

    And how can women be more dominant, single minded, confident and more into sex? Easy, testosterone pills, just ask women that have transitioned to become a man. The few women who aren't like this are very proud of themselves for being dominating and everyone applauds. her It's not seen as good to be a non-dominant (heterosexual) man ( and I'm not talking about any beta ********, because "betas" are more dominant than women. A beta wouldn't cower behind his girlfriend if someone tried to beat him up for example)

    I don't see men trying to get away from their instinctive biological determinations, they embrace them. We all know if men had menstrual cycles they would be as proud of them as they are of all their other body functions and, but women are ashamed and have to hide it away and speak about it in hushed language. Any thoughts?

    tl; dr: men are more dominanting naturally and are risk takers, women want to be like them. There are exceptions and those women who are more like men (confident, dominating) are seen as better than most other women. It's not seen as desirable for a heterosexual man to be like a woman.

    first two points are pretty hilarious, thanks for the laugh mate

    No that's transexualism

    The feminazis whose pink hair would send a Geiger counter into overdrive now want the eradication and subjugation of men.


    Basically, yeah. Although I don't think any woman should feel they ought to be a mother, or ought to be anything for that matter, and you seem to speak of general traits as if they are or ought to be universally held.


    YES this is so true

    Women who transition into men are transgender. It has nothing to do with feminism. It is their gender. Also, you can't make a blanket assumption that all feminists want to be men. Feminism is a very diverse movement. I think of myself as a feminist but I in no way try to behave like a man. I am very feminine and proud of my feminity. Why would I want to be a man? Men sweat more than women and they're hairier.
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