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Am I the only one that thinks this? watch


    (Original post by Throwaway740)
    Thanks the offer mate but I'm alright, already got plenty of friends in real life.
    I'm sure you have treacle, I'm sure you have.
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    (Original post by Notnek)
    I don't have any but I'm confident that if you collected statistics using the question

    "If a dog or cat was bleeding to death at your feet, would you care?"

    then a very large percentage would say yes.

    Why not add a poll to this thread to find out?
    Won't add a poll, I'd imagine a lot of people care about animals anyway.

    I do find it ridiculous when people suggest animals are "better" than humans, i.e. less reprehensible/cruel/evil, and use that to justify a sort of crazy bias towards animals over humans. You need to have a certain threshold of intelligence and self-awareness to be remotely commendable for doing positive (and of course, this is subjective anyway) things, or, indeed, deserving of criticism for doing negative things. You cannot judge an animal for anything it does. It is neither good nor evil, it simply is. This position is an emotional one really; I can understand it from that perspective, but logically speaking it makes no sense. Still, I like animals, and I think animal cruelty is abhorrent and that every effort should be made to avoid causing suffering (e.g. in the meat industry). It just is quite strange when people take it to the extent of finding animal suffering worse than human suffering.

    And yes I find it amusing to see the public explode with rage when these big animal deaths occur. Harambe, Cecil the Lion... You eat animals every day anyway. Why do you care now? It's not like the animals even were subjected to a lot of pain. Is it just because they look nice, because they're "majestic"? Or because they're endangered? I don't get it.

    Guy says 'I'm not a troll'
    Conclusion: Troll.
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