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    So due to circumstances it looks as if I won't be able to feasibly move out for my first year of uni. All my family are pressuring me to and I would absolutely love to move out and get some independence it doesn't really seem doable. This is because I worked out I will get well below the £650-odd recommended for the lower-range cost of living for Edinburgh as they put it on their website. I know I could get a job but since I am only 17 I would still get paid less and would only be able to do weekends, and that still wouldn't bring me up to the 650-odd recommendation, this is going by the minimum wage, so theoretically I guess I could earn more, but it still doesn't seem hopeful.

    This is also excluding phone costs, haircuts, clothes, social outings etc. My mum said she would be willing to help out where she could but I don't think she understands how little money I will have. She also has to look after herself and is planning on moving herself so I don't want to feel like a burden. She has said she wouldn't mind me commuting, and whilst I don't mind it either I am mostly worried about the social life. Is it really as bad as people say? I would totally be willing to join societies (I have my eye on the Archaeology and Ceilidh Dancing ones in particular) so I can make friends there too. I also have a friend who is commuting into Edinburgh and would be on the same bus as me so it's not like I would be a complete loner going into it. This would also allow me more money to save up for moving out next year and for enjoying my first year without being TOTALLY broke either.

    However, I am worried that friends are going to be so much harder to find. I have only been told "no, no you need to move out." Well, can it really be that bad? Or is it famous last words.

    If I don't move out this year, I definitely am next year, however I'm scared I will have missed out on lots by commuting in first year. On the other hand I will probably miss out on lots by being way too poor/busy working to sustain myself by moving out there.

    Hi natashac99, I can only help you with my opinion.

    You seem pretty determined to go and study at this university, and you are willing to bear some sacrifice - i.e. commuting or working, even if you are very young.

    I understand your worries with social issues related to living in another place, but I would not worry too much about that. Of course it would be more difficult to build stable relationships with friends from university, but this does not mean that you will be totally ignored. And, in any case, you can consider this first year as an investment. If you want to save money, do it. Focus yourself on your studies and start looking for scholarships for the following year from now.

    Then, when you will be 18, with your savings + scholarship (hopefully) + one year of university experience (that would eventually make it easier for you to manage a job during your studies), you will be able to move out and enjoy your university life with more confidence and tranquillity

    This is just my vision, the right decision is really only yours and how you feel it.
    Best of luck,
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