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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    OCD can be a *****. I often got the suspicious sideways glance from my parents when they noticed me acting out of the ordinary, and of course the 'you're just attention-seeking' and 'why can't you just be normal' comments. All of which just set you even more on-edge. You're not alone!
    That sounds hard. I'm sorry to hear that It helps knowing other people are going through similar things though. You're right, OCD sucks.
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    Question ...

    After 2 nights of no sleep I finally fell asleep round a friends house I'm a very deep sleeper and after 2 nights of no sleep nothing could wake me (until my friend punched me in the arm a bunch of times to tell my mum was calling)

    She had a friend round and the next day that friend told me he did ..stuff to me in my sleep but I don't remember it ????

    Does this mean I'm stupid or ...
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    My ex-girlfriend (who I'm still very close with, we parted on good terms) has had a relative die today. Everyone knew it was happening.

    Rather than go home to be with and support her family, she's staying at a friend's place to get stoned and watch cartoons. I'm furious that she hasn't got enough about her to want to be there for her family, let alone do it because one of them might want her to.

    I know anyone who reads this might think I'm butting my nose in where it doesn't belong, but it just gets to me. Family is important to her, but at this time when hers should be together for one another, she just wants to lounge about on a friend's couch because
    • she doesn't get on with her mother
    • she'd rather watch cartoons and get stoned
    • she's got the emotional intelligence of a squashed frog
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    I'm lonely and for the first time, it's getting to me.
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    I'm a failure
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    I hate my sister so much, I look at her sometimes and I just hate her. But at the same time I love her and would never want anything bad to happen to her, I don't know why I feel like this😩.
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    Wish I was more confident and actually able to speak properly to people
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    lonely and upset
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    :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    wish people would leave me alone, for their own sake I dont want to burden them. Just want to be left alone. Feel more and more introverted by the day. Don't want to live in a house with strangers but had no choice. Don't want to live with anyone at all tbh. Hopefully will have a lock on my door. MH is ****. Worried GP wont believe me since superficially seem ok, though suppose I could always pull up my trouser leg if it came to it. Worried wont eat at uni or it will go the otherway and will over comfort eat. Sort of don't want to drink at freshers or anything because if I wasn't in control feel like this thing in me would take that to his advantage and then I would do something stupid. Speaking of him dreamed was shot in a cave night before last night and last night dreamed I was kicked out of home
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    Wish I was over this
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    why are they still leaking pus
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    Whenever I am bored on youtube, I have this strange urge to search up: "God is dead."

    Like, I'm an atheist and **** but I have no idea why I have this urge. Like... WHY?!
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    Okay I've just looked at the other replies and now I'm feeling like my comment was a bit too mild and therefore looks like I'm taking the piss. Sorry about that.
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    lol genuinely feel as if i will have an anxiety attack
    had one the other night and dont want another one
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    I was depressed for several years when I was a teenager, and it just kept getting worse. I lost my best friends (a male and a female that didn't know each other until I introduced them to each other) cause they could not deal with me always being down, paranoid and suicidal. What made matters worse at the time, was that my female friend's ex kept telling her that she was too good for me and that she should stop hanging out with me; even though me and him, the ex, were on very good terms being classmates for like 10 years prior to that, but then I introduced him to my best friend and they both turned on me. As well as my male best friend, who said he also got tired of me. In the end it got to the point that I wasn't invited to either of the 2 Christmas parties I usually would go to, by 2 different groups of friends. This was confirmed by the party host when I met her, she said she felt uncomfortable inviting me as my former male best friend didnt want to see me. And the other party was hosted at my former female best friend's ex's house, with all of my friends there, but naturally I wasn't invited as he thought I wasn't smart enough to hang out with them. Even though there were about 20 other people there that I hung out with every week for like 6 years, so someone could have said something, but no one did. So basically I merged 2 big groups of my friends together, as I introduced them all to each other, as well as my male and female best friends, and eventually they all got rid of me. Now my ex best friends are best friends with each other, borderline a couple. And 7 years down the line I have gained a boyfriend, but still no friends. Every time I get to know someone, it turns out they've been taking the piss out of me or just stop talking to me as much. But to be fair, all I am feeling now is that no one is worthy of being my friend, as people are **** and just stab you in the back. Also I am quite a bit smarter than most people I'm surrounded by, so I am definitely not gaining any friends anytime soon. That **** has ****ed me up... I know I should get over it, but I just can't. That's why I'm still talking about it even though I'm 25 and got a degree, a job and a partner now. I don't know who/what is to blame, me, my depression, my friends or what, it probably doesn't matter anyway. I just want to find some decent, not too-faced people I could have a chat or a coffee with, I just can't find any... maybe it's because I'm not a decent human being? I think I am... but maybe not. Oh yeah, and my partner of 6 years used to cheat on me with his "best friend"... he says he's changed now. Why the **** do I deserve all this I don't even know
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    I love you so much. But I know that religion and race will keep us apart.
    I'm trying to slowly move away but you are too perfect. I love you so much.

    So much sadness, so little hope, no where to go... it seems.

    I sometimes find in life you just have to say to yourself "F*** it" and just go for it. That is to pursue your dreams and goals and let no one person get in your way or obstruct you from achieving nothing but the best of your capabilities and potential.
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    honestly dont think anyone is bothered
    feel a smidgen let down by my inrl friends tbh, all but two anyway
    oh well literally never coming back here so they can forget i ever existed idc
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    Basically I had a crush on this boy and he found out and he's very popular and now him and his friends just keep staring at me and laugh at me and idek why like I don't even like him anymore but it's so annoying. I have no idea why these people are like this. Legit as soon as they see me they start saying something and then they start laughing and saying things. It's been going on for about 5 months and I haven't done anything about it, I kinda ignore it now it's just ridiculous.
    Honestly, imagine Having a massive crush on someone and now they disrespect you and I don't even know what they say

    Oh well lol


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