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Is studying the 3 sciences and maths at A level a good idea for me? watch

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    These are all my strongest subjects and I'm predicting that I will get an A/A* at A level in all of these. Maths and Physics are probably my weakest out of these. I didn't do further maths at GCSE and I'm aware that maths and physics will probably be quite hard because of this but I think I'm prepared for that. The problem is that I don't know if I want a career to do with any of these subjects.
    I am very creative and really enjoy writing fiction however I very rarely enjoyed English at GCSE level. I also took art and moving image for my GCSEs and while I loved art it made everything else incredibly difficult and I found it difficult to keep up with the coursework even at that stage. I initially thought a career in the film industry might be good however moving image just went badly and I ended up not enjoying it at all.
    At the moment I do the best in biology, chemistry, physics and maths and I enjoy all four of them but I feel like I might be setting myself up for a career I won't enjoy. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with the subjects and if you think this is a good idea?

    With your predicted grades being at an A/A* level at GCSE, I think you will be very capable of taking the three sciences and maths. The key is just to stay motivated, because that will allow you to keep pushing for higher grades at A-level.

    I am heading to sixth form this year and am looking to take Chem, Phys, F. Maths and Maths - being similar subjects to yours. However, I have learnt the old A-level Maths specification well and whilst it's hard in certain areas, it is more than capable for any passionate learner.

    Just go for your 4 A-levels, because the worst thing that could happen is that you drop 1 of them. Go for it!

    I did that set up.

    The biggest variable for me was how the subjects coursework was marked. Chemistry had a weird pyramid marking thing where if you didn't get all the marks on the lower level, you couldn't get any of the higher, all the others it was done in segments. The end result being if you missed say... a unit of a measurement in chemistry you'd basically get the lowest mark. So I ditched it at AS.

    As I recall, Biology is essentially remembering facts, Physics is largely equations and Chemistry is a mix of the two. Core Maths is pretty much entirely differentiation and Integration, with some of the advanced SoHCaHToA stuff thrown in. You then do an extra module of statistcs or mechanics (physics) or decision mathematics.

    All in all its doable and if you like the subjects go for them. Have you got any thoughts in what you want to do as a career because there's enormous scope of career paths relating to science.
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    Thanks! I'm thinking I probably will just go for it.
    No, I really don't know what I want to do for a career at all which is a lot of the problem. I guess since there are quite a lot of career paths related to science it shouldn't limit me too much.

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