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Hi everyone,

I'm currently writing my postgraduate dissertation and whilst I am within business school my dissertation has a significant gender component. My supervisor has gone on holiday so isn't responding to emails and there's one comment made on my draft lit review that i'm lost about!

In one section I am discussing theories of occupational gender segregation and talk about 'human capital theory' as one theory. I made a statement about this theory assuming individual's make rational choices after taking into account their education and experience level. My supervisor made a comment that she didn't agree that 'human capital theory' was always rational and asked 'what about Bourdieu?'.

I'm now massively confused as to how Bourdieu even fits into human capital theory?! I am aware that Bourdieu contests the idea of 'rational choice', but I wouldn't have said Bourdieu takes a 'human capital theory' approach to occupational segregation?

I'm sure some people have much more knowledge about this than me, so any help would be massively appreciated!

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