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I'm doing History (Edexcel A, Churchill 1929-1951 + British Politics 1955-1991 if it helps) and I'm seriously stuck as to how to get my revision game up for A2.

I'm predicted an A but my exam was not greattttt...

Help on revising sources questions too would be great!
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I'm sitting this exam too (different exam board however) Having a good structure goes a hell of a long way - knowing what to divide your essay into and how to plan essays help a ton in getting an A*.

Further reading around the topic can help you remember some facts and statistics about the time (I highly recommend reading/watching "A history of modern Britain" by Andrew Marr"). I also research a lot about what society was like during the time, civil rights and key events under every prime minister (I usually use flashcards)

Just remember to use a great structure for each question type (but don't make it TOO structured because you can often lose marks for that) and also stick EXACTLY to the question. For example if the question was about the miners strike of 84 do NOT talk about how during Macmillans premiership people have "never had it so good" or random rubbish about things that happened during the time that is irrelevant to the question. Remember the question and keep linking back to it - understanding the question fully will help you get top marks.

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