BTEC National diploma marking scheme

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    Can someone tell me the BTEC National diploma marking scheme thanks

    Do you mean how many points do you need for say DDD or DDM or soemthing like that?
    If so there are already lots of threads on that, so just have a look down the main page and you should be able to find the information you are looking for.

    (Original post by madhattertom)
    Can someone tell me the BTEC National diploma marking scheme thanks

    Well, it's pretty complicated but I'm doing a BTEC diploma and this is what I've managed to work out so far.
    Basically, we're set an assignment each term and in order to gain Distinctions...every piece of work has to be of a distinction standard.. so to put it bluntly...the lowest mark for each piece of work within an assignment is the final grade you'll get for that module. so if one essay in the assignment is only a pass level- then that is what you'd get for the entire assignment.
    pretty unfair really.
    I don't know if that answers your question and whether that's how your particular course works....

    It depends on the GLH or Guideline Learning Hours.

    60hr GLH units - P = 6 points, M = 12 points, D = 18 points

    I had two 30hr units out of the 19 units I studied though so the points were halved (P = 3pts, M = 6pts, D = 9pts) and were classes as one unit.

    To get DDD I needed a minimum of 252 points. I got there with 10 Distinctions (10x18), 5 Merits (5x12) and 4 Passes (2x6 + 2x3) = 258pts :woo:


    For a DDD you need 252pts. If you're studying 18 units (60 GLH) as I did then the minimum for DDD was 6 units at Distinction (6x18pts) and the 12 at Merit (12x12pts) 108 + 144 = 252pts. If you have a unit at Pass grade then you need 7 Distinctions, if you have 2 units at pass you need 8 Distinctions, if you have 3 units at Pass you need 9 Distinctions, etc, etc.

    As I had the equivalent of 3 units at Pass I needed only 9 Distinctions and the rest at Merit to get a DDD.

    I needed a DDD to get onto the MPharm course but getting 18 units at Merit would have gotten me a DMM.

    Check with your tutors to see what your GLH for each of your units are and then work out how many points you need for the grade you want from the chart below.


    I'm pretty confused about this all.

    I have 4 teachers and they all give us a seperate brief to work on.

    I do media production and it's basically:

    Film production
    Market research
    Film studies

    We get a different brief for each of those sections by our teachers for that section.

    so basically.

    The brief for Film production has 3 tasks. I have to get a distinction in all of those tasks for me to get a Distinction overall in that brief?

    Let's say, I get a pass in ask one, but get distinctions in task 2 and 3. Will I get a Pass overall for that brief?

    That's harsh if it is...Film studies is easy, Market researh is do able, Joirnalism/industry is alright, but the Film production is actually quite hard. The individual tasks are fine, but what if your group is lazy and the group section sucks...

    We're allowed to resubmit our (updated) coursework any time right?

    (Original post by jedsterg)

    Let's say, I get a pass in ask one, but get distinctions in task 2 and 3. Will I get a Pass overall for that brief?
    Unfortunately, yes.

    I remember getting 3 D's and 1 P in a unit which is overall pass!!! I had to upgrade the one to a D to get an overall D.

    (Original post by jedsterg)
    We're allowed to resubmit our (updated) coursework any time right?

    How do the marking schemes work for the BETCs from 2010? Would DMDP be a D or a P?
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Updated: June 27, 2011
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