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Hi all, I am a Law grad from Durham uni and got a 2:1 overall and a First in my final year.

I was wondering how tough it is to get a Distinction on the LPC. Is it useful to buy the City Career Series revision guide?

Thanks in advance.
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"I was wondering how tough it is to get a Distinction on the LPC. "

How long is a piece of string?

To be helpful:

* You should have a training contract before lining up the LPC, and your post *suggests* you perhaps don't. Getting a distinction is a bit of an irrelevance when you have a TC and passing it only matters.
* It depends on whether you are doing it fast-track or accelerated. I did it fast-track. To be clear, everyone but a very few (and none in my class; only a handful out 1 of the 4 classes taking it) were going to US firms and had firsts and/or were at Oxbridge. Everyone found it gruelling. Getting a distinction on that is hard. By comparison, the regular track from my perspective is a kettle of fish. An absolute doddle.
* FTAOD, the results are illuminating. The regular track LPC is quite a mixed bag. A fair number fail. Many have low marks. Then there are your high distinctions, but still a minority. FT and accelerated are generally all passes at least, and marks are consistently better than regular. That's because the students work harder, have TCs and are generally better calibre. The FT courses do everything the regular track do in half the time.
* Other factors which help are: whether you did well at property modules at university and have good recall (this will assist with PLP), whether you have studied company law (which will make BLP a doddle) and whether you have taken any optional modules before at university (e.g. employment, litigation, media law, IP etc.) This gives you more than a head start and relieves pressure from these particular modules.

"Is it useful to buy the City Career Series revision guide?"

Categorically, no.

The exams are basically based off SGS (small group session) solutions which are handed out at the end of every SGS. You basically just have to memorise these. At BPP, to be sure, 90% of it is based off statute and whilst the exams aren't open book, so long as you have a clever tabbing system for your statutes and work strategically you will be fine. People complain there's a lot of material when in reality there isn't, it's just wordy rambling chapters explaining statute and the statutes are all given to you in the exam which you can easily reference with a proper system.

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