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So I'm going back to college in September for my last year and my exams will be in May/June. I'm studying law and business so if anybody has any advice regarding these points, please reply nicely (some people are so rude on here 🐸☕️):
- studying for exams and assessments
- how to remember things quicker (like study hacks)
- drinks or food to help me focus more/study better
- how long I should study for daily/most effective study methods
- websites/apps that are good for studying
- past papers and mark schemes
- organising notes and folders (how many I should take everyday)
- exam techniques and how to structure answers for exam questions
- questions I should ask teachers regarding exams/studying
- what you regretted not doing during college and exams / questions you wished you asked

My subjects: Business: Edexcel (A Level)
Law: AQA (A2/AS, not sure lol but I did the unit 1 and Unit 2 exams in May)

Thanks 💕
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1) why are you only doing 2 subjects? and have you checked with universities that they will accept you with this/are you doing any other qualifications/do you know what you want to do post 18

2) Studying for exams is about a) making sure you have an understanding of the course material and then b) doing every past paper question in existence and studying the mark scheme to see what is required by the examiner and in what form the answers should be written

3) No such thing as a 'study hack', you will learn best by testing yourself repeatedly and devoting a large amount of time to this

4) No food in particular will make you smarter but eating healthy, home cooked food (rather than microwave or fast food meals) will keep you healthy and alert - avoid fizzy drinks as the slump afterwards is not worth the instant energy high (also get plenty of sleep - no point staying up all night if you are then not concentrating the next day)

5) Should be studying 20-25 hours a week independently - the methods of study vary subject to subject but the key themes are making sure you understand the content and then testing yourself on it, closer to exam time focus on exam technique i.e. how to answer certain types of questions

6) Not sure about websites for your subjects - ask teachers what they use and do a few google searches

7) Use your exam board websites for PPs and MSs, then use textbooks for question practice and ask teachers for extra questions if necessary

8) Take one folder to school every day and split it up in to your subjects, then further sub-divide these sections so that you keep notes for each chapter of each subject separate. Every week or so write a summary of the notes you have made that week (just a few pages) and keep them in your daily folder for the next week. then transfer your week's notes in to folders for each subject that you keep at home. This helps you to spot early anything that you don't understand and makes you repeat content. These notes will also be helpful later on.

9) exam technique will come with practice and looking at exemplar examples in mark schemes

10) Always ask how you can improve a piece of work, ask for more exam questions, ask teachers to mark practice questions that you have done, ask for extra study resources. Basically your teachers are a prized resource at your disposal, how much (or little) you choose to use them is up to you. the more enthusiastic you are about their subject, the more they will want to help you!

11) no regrets, I seized every opportunity and although not everything went my way, I know that it was not for the want of trying

(Background on me: just finished year 13, predicted A*A*A*A* in maths, further maths, physics and EPQ with AAAA at AS in maths, further maths, chemistry and physics)

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