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I've just finished AS biology this year and have ben frustrated with my grades. I spend a lot of time revising and always make sure I use past papers, but I still don't get exam technique! I'm always told the same thing; use past papers but the problem is we're not taught how to apply our knowledge at all so just endlessly going through old papers has not helped me at all. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Know the key words they use in exam questions:

*Define is self explanatory....give a definition. these are usually one mark, so maybe not too much to fuss over-and usually not hard. As long as you know the key words (they put them in bold in the mark scheme), no reason you shouldnt ace these.

*Describe is a common one you see in data analysis questions. They literally only want you to describe the trend you can see-if any. Try and stick with common phrases like "there is a positive/negative/no correlation". If the correlation stops at any point, note that too-for example, on S shaped curves, enzyme activity curves, etc. DO NOT give your reasoning as to why you see these data.

(for example...lets say i had a graph that sugar production in plants during a typical 24 hours). Describing this would involve saying sugar production correlates with sunlight hours-or sugar production increases during sunlight hours, something like that).

*Explain means explain WHY you think a certain trend is present (in data analysis questions) or why a certain thing happens (in more mechanism based q's). For example....in a basic question of "explain why sugar production carries on for a few hours in plants at night time"....thats because you have light independent reactions happening, and they use up some of the excess produced products from the light dependent reactions".

Those are probably your main ones....if you see any others and are curious, let me know, and i'll try and help explain what each of those words means.

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