Struggling to Reconnect with Friends

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So basically I`m entering my third year of uni soon and to be honest I haven`t made any friends there and had a pretty bad time and I guess through loneliness I`m trying to reconnect with my friends from school but I feel as though they`ve moved on.
I took a gap year before going to uni and I sort of felt it then that they were drifting apart as I went into full-time employment for 9 months and they stayed at school (they didn`t do great and had to repeat the last year of sixth-form), that year they started making plans without me and I also made the situation worse as I kept turning invitations down as I was worried we were growing apart and didn`t feel the same around them ( I know now this was probably a bad idea). I don`t know why but I kept feeling like the odd one out.

So when it came to uni I thought that I would suddenly make new friends who understood me better and I`d have a great social life and now two years later that couldn`t be further from the truth. They werent` always the best friends in the world but right now they`re probably the only people I can even call "friends" and thats even a stretch atm. This summer I texted them saying I was back if they wanted to do anything etc and apart from catching up with two of them one day they haven`t really asked if I want to do anything despite adding me to their whatsapp. They recently went on holiday to malia and didn`t ask me and I`d have loved to go but I get the feeling now they just don`t see me as part of their inner circle. Its weird as my best friend for years, I used to do everything with he asked someone else the other day if they wanted to play badminton (we played badminton club together for years) and he didn`t think to ask me. They also only really talk to each other about relationship stuff and just sort of mock me for never having a girlfriend.

I could go on for ages about stuff but I`m just wondering if they`ve moved on for good, its basically been like 2/3 years since I was like best friends with them all but it just seems like they don`t really want to know me anymore and I don`t really have anyone else now.

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