Student finance for a lifelong learning PGCE

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I have applied to do the lifelong learning PGCE at university. I was offered a place which I took to start in September. Ive currently hold an Early years teacher status ITT I achieved this in 2014, this does not have have QTS, but they say it is the equivalent to QTS. I am unable to work in a maintained school and if I apply to an academy it is up to the digression of the head teacher.
I decided to apply to do the lifelong learning PGCE so I could use my experience to teach early years in further education.
I applied for student finance and was awarded the maintinance grant but they refused the funsing for the tuition fees. When I asked student fiance why they said it is because its QTS. They asked me to send my EYT qualifications to them which they turned me down again because they are saying its QTS but I dont have QTS. I am now having to contact my old cause leader for a letter to send to student finance to confirm the EYTS course is not a QTS. I have been told by student finance so many different things. They do say EYTS is equivalent to QTS but student finance keep telling me I have QTS and because of this I am not eligible for student finance. But if you read about the Early years teacher status we are unable to teach in schools because we do not hold the QTS qualification.
This whole situation has disheartend me and I dont know where to turn. I don't hold QTS and all I want to do is teach Early year within further education, obviously if I held QTS I would have already applied to do this. I cant afford the student fees of £9250 especially as a single parent. But then again I don't understand why they have granted me the maintenance loan. I feel Ive a brick wall infront of me and that their was no point in my EYTS qualification because I cant go into schools to teach or gain the qualification to teach in further education. I really do not know what to do!!!!

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