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How much value do you guys place on this? I personally think it should be another factor that goes into university league tables, it essentially shows you how well they equip students for future jobs.

Here's a list i compiled (via uni stats), of universities ordered by graduate salary after 6 months - for economics undergraduate courses. It really brings out some interesting points.

*Universities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh omitted due to no comparative economics undergrad Bsc courses offered - not every uni was included also, if you would like me to add any, please request.*

Oxford: £38,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 2nd) (RG)
LSE: £37,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 6th) (RG)
UCL: £34,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 4th) (RG)
Cambridge: £33,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 1st) (RG)
Warwick: £32,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 3rd) (RG)
Bath: £31,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 9th)
Durham: £30,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 8th) (RG)
Loughborough: £30,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 12th)
St Andrews: £29,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 5th)
Nottingham: £29,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 7th) (RG)
Surrey: £29,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 13th)
SOAS: £27,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 33rd)
City, UOL: £26,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 43rd)
Bristol: £26,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 10th) (RG)
Exeter: £26,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 11th) (RG)
Leeds: £26,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 15th) (RG)
Birmingham: £26,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 18th) (RG)
York: £26,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 19th) (RG)
KCL: £25,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 60th)
Southampton: £25,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 38th) (RG)
Essex: £25,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 40th)
Bournemouth: £25,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 41st)
QMUL: £24,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 20th) (RG)
Lancaster: £24,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 21st)
Sheffield: £24,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 35th) (RG)
Brunel UL: £24,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 59th)
Cardiff: £24,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 30th) (RG)
De Montfort: £24,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 46th)
Manchester: £23,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 31st) (RG)
Liverpool: £23,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 39th) (RG)
UEA: £23,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 25th)
Hull: £23,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 45th)
Newcastle: £22,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 23rd) (RG)
Sussex: £22,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 26th)
Leicester: £22,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 44th)
Swansea: £22,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 42nd)
Kent: £21,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 27th)
Keele: £20,000 (CUG Ranking for economics - 50th)

First of all, there's clearly universities near the top of the list, which aren't Russell Group, opposing the trend on TSR, that if you don't go to a RG uni, your future is doomed, this is clearly, not the case.

Second of all, university rankings are clearly NOT directly correlated to graduate prospects, at least for economics.

Thirdly; the gap between the 'first tier' of unis often cited on TSR (Oxbridge, LSE, Warwick, Durham, UCL etc) is clearly not that big. It is NOT the end of the world if you do not study at those unis, especially if you want to undertake economics, your future salary and career potential should not be an issue, just make sure you choose your uni wisely based off graduate prospects and how the uni prepares its students for future jobs.

Disclaimer: I felt like economics was a suitable subject to choose - as, many who take economics are really motivated by their future prospects, this list is a great way of narrowing down which universities to choose for application - I feel like this is especially important as many use the league tables to narrow courses down, which may be misleading, see KCL - placed 60th for economics, may be discarded by most as being a relatively poor university for economics, but clearly, graduate prospects are far far better than many universities placed above it, such as Manchester, a RG uni, seen by many as one of the best universities in the world, however may not be one of the best places to study economics, if you really care about your future career prospects.
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I didn't bother accounting for this too much seeing as I'm applying for a philosophy degree. If you're doing something that's actually useful in the job market tho then yeah this is something that should maybe be considered

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