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    anyone know where i can access a personal statement for anthropology so i can get some ideas for my own? xoxox

    Don't know that there are any Anthropology related-resources out there. Sorry. :confused:

    All I can suggest is that you read 'Small places, large issues :an introduction to social and cultural anthropology' by Thomas Hylland Eriksen - v. useful core text.
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    (Original post by purplelliephant)
    anyone know where i can access a personal statement for anthropology so i can get some ideas for my own? xoxox
    Not sure there is one for anthropology, but you might get some ideas from www.studential.com

    i don't know of any example anthropology PSs but i thought that this may help

    * start with a quote, there are loads of interesting ones on anthropology e.g.
    'Theology is Anthropology.' - Anselm Feuerbach
    'The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.' - Ruth Benedict
    'Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities.' - Alfred L. Kroeber (this one is particularly good if you are studying a mixture of science/ arts subjects for A2.)
    choose one which appeals to you and discuss it, giving your opinion. use this as a starting point for discussing why you wish to study the subject/ why it interests you. this would be a strong opening paragraph.

    * spend at least one paragraph talking about relevant texts/ novels/ articles/ news stories that you have read/ shown an interest in which illustrate your love of anthropology/ have nurtured your interest in it/ enhanced your understanding of it. n.b. don't write a list, it is better to talk about 2 or 3 in detail than say something vague and unoriginal about 5 or 6 which doesn't show any understanding.

    * talk about your A2 subjects here. talk about modules which you have particulary enjoyed and skills which you have acquired (e.g. critcical thinking), especially if you can relate them to anthropology. also if you have carried out any research/ independent studies, here would be a good place to mention them.

    * although for most good unis this is not an integral part of the section 10... talk about your extra curricular activities, whatever they may be. if they fit in with the subject even better. what is important, though, is that you emphasis your time management skills, that you show you have successfully divided your time between sport/ music/ D of E/ cinema and your studies/family/social life/church/part time job. (this section isn't specific to Anthropology but you may find it particularly useful as your degree requires an inter-disciplinary approach)

    * a good closing couple of lines would be to discuss what you hope to get out of an anthropology degree and what your career plans are. if you don't have a particular job in mind, state which areas you are interested in i.e. education/ law + why (good place for any work exp)... but go on to say something like... 'Above all I want to spend the next three years engrossed in this intellectually challenging discipline which fascinates me.'

    it's not perfect but you get the idea. good luck! hope this has helped. contact me if you need any further help or advice. Ana xxx
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