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My exams are coming soon. I need a recommended books for Arabic A-level.
Cowan, D. 1968. Modern Literary Arabic, C.U.P., Cambridge.
Dickins, J.,Watson, J.C.E. 1999. Standard Arabic: An advanced course. Cambridge: C.U.P.
Haywood, J.A. and Nahmad, H.M. 1962. A New Arabic Grammar, Percy Lund, Humphries and Co.
Ltd., London.
Ryding, K.C. 1990. Formal Spoken Arabic: A Basic Course. Chicago: Kazi Publications.
Smart, J.R. 1994. Teach Yourself Arabic: A complete course for beginners. Hodder & Stoughton.
Thatcher, G. W. 1993. Arabic Grammar of the Written Language. Hippocrene Books.
Wightwick, J. et al. 1998. Arabic Verbs and Essentials of Grammar: A Practical Guide to the Mastery
of Arabic. NTC/Contemporary Publ. Co.
Ziadeh, F. 1993. Reader in Modern Literary Arbaic. Troy, MI: International Book Centre.
Francesco Gabriele, Muhammad and the Conquests of Islam, World University Library, London, 1968.
A. Guillaume, Islam, Penguin Harmondsworth, 1956.
Ph.K.Hitti, History of the Arabs, MacMillan and Co. Ltd., London, 1964.
H. Kennedy, The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphs, Longman, London, 1986.
I.M. Lapidus, A History of Islamic Societies, C.U.P., Cambridge, 1988.
B.Lewis, The Arabs in History, Hutchinson University, London, 4th Ed., 1966.
Planhol, X. de. The World of Islam. Cornell U.P
Th.W.Arnold and A. Guillaume, (eds). The Legacy of Islam, O.U.P., London, 1931.
W.H. McNeill and M.R. Waldman (eds.) 1984, The Islamic World. Chicago: U.Ch.P.
Waines, D. 1995. An Introduction to Islam. Cambridge: C.U.P.
Badawi, M.M. 1993. A Short History of Modern Arabic Literature. Oxford: O.U.P.
A.F.L. Beeston, J.M. Johnstone, R.M. Serjeant, G.R. Smith, Arabic Literature and the End of the
Umayyad Period, C.U.P. Cambridge, 1983.
H.A.R. Gibb, Arabic Literature: An Introduction, Oxford University Press, Revised Ed., London, 1963.
R.A. Nicholson, A Literary History of the Arabs, C.U.P., Cambridge, 1969.
1. Naguib Mahfouz, Mira:ma:r, Cairo, 1964.
or 2. Ahmad Tal'at Suleiman, Malta: 'Ard Muga:z lit-Ta:ri:h wel-Lugha, Malta, 1980.
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Are these all recommended Arabic A-level books

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