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hi, so I'm due to be going to uni this September for the second time. I went last year but dropped out after a few months because i didn't like the course and my anxiety was way out of hand.

Ive had 2 gap years and am no closer to deciding what to do with my life, so i guess the main reason I've reapplied is because i just dont know what else to do. Theres still 6 weeks until term starts but already I'm losing sleep over it. I get knots in my stomach everytime i think about going and i just really really dont want to go!

If i had another option i wouldn't bother, but the trouble is i cant seem to find any apprenticeships that interest me, and i know people say 'just get a job' but i dont know how! I dont want just any job because i know the sort of lifestyle i want (own my own horse etc.) and so i know i want to make a decent living and I'm stuck in the mentality of thinking of the bigger picture that i dont know how to even start. Doesn't help that i live in the middle of nowhere so theres really nothing around other than shop work.

I dont know what to do. I feel so stuck and terrified and i just know I'm going to be miserable again like i was last time i went, but I'm equally as terrified of being a failure if i dont go to uni.

ugh help

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