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Good luck for results day everyone! If you need a room, I have a studio reserved with a 5 minute walk from the campus.

Studio in cutty sark Greenwich available to rent from september 17th at only £214 per week!
comes with fridge/freezer, plenty storage space and a double bed!
all bills included, only a security deposit of £250 which ill be refunded at the end of tenancy agreement.

local amenities such as: tesco, sainsburys, mcdonalds, costa, starbucks, marks and spencer, deptford high street and many more. - tourist attractions and regular festivals 10 at cutty sark. - on site laundrette and activities.

- all bills included such as gas and water - designated parking and smoking area - 24/7 security.
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Y13's - If you haven't confirmed your firm and insurance choices yet, why is that?

I am waiting until the deadline in case anything in my life changes (10)
I am waiting until the deadline in case something else changes (e.g. exams/pandemic related concerns) (4)
I am waiting until I can see the unis in person (4)
I still have more questions before I make my decision (6)
No reason, just haven't entered it yet (14)
Something else (let us know in the thread!) (13)

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