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Media Studies: Key concepts.

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    Hey, I am rather embarrassed about asking this but it seems the best place. I keep getting told and I did write them down but I lost my notes.

    What are the definitions for the key concepts when analysing a text in the media?

    I have:

    signs, signified, codes, connotation, iconography, representation.

    But I keep getting them mixed up like the first two and I forget the rest. Help would be great. ^.^u

    Cheers. x

    The main ones to remember really are:
    Media Language-connotative meaning, signs, iconography, music, lighting, camera angles, mise en scene, editing etc..
    Institutions- who produced it? what influence this has on the text?
    Genre (if relevant)- talk about codes and conventions assoicated with it etc...
    Rrepresentation- who? what? where when? why? is it accurate/ biased/fair?
    Audience- who its aimed at? made for? mode of address? Audience theory can be brought in here i.e. the uses and gratification theory
    Ideologies and values- ideas and beliefs that underpin the text, values of society
    Narrative- texts structure e.g. could use Todorov Theory which is the equilibrium, disruption etc... also discuss character roles and themes that arise.

    Then you could discuss the effectiveness of the text along with the preferred meaning, this could fit into what you write about audience.

    I always find these useful to follown when writing an essay and particularly just found it useful to remember MIGRAIN for my AS last year.
    Hope this helps abit. if you need any more help just ask

    RAILING is good, pretty much the same as MIGRAIN.


    Do you need to use any theories?

    Basic theories can be Propp and Todorov

    i barely know any of the concepts or what the hell to write in the exams
    its only now my media teacher is panicking and trying to teach us everything because hes pretty much awful and knows the whole media results are going to be a catastrophe, and that he's going to get ridiculed.
    i give up i need at least half marks in my last exam to get a C and i doubt i'll even get double figures.

    If you haven't already and you have time, buy "Key Concepts and Skills for Media Studies". It's on Amazon.
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