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Gothic unseen extract

Hi, can someone please help me on how to answer the gothic unseen extract essay, because I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to talk about... do I just spot as many gothic tropes as possible? Do I say what they do? My last essay I did terribly but, couldn't work out where I went wrong...I talked about abandonment of nature, romanticism, usurping the role of mother nature, the sublime ect... not sure if I talked about the wrong thing or what...?
I know i'm 4 years late here, but just in case anyone else wants to know the answer to this:Intro: Discus the context of the text in terms of where it sits within the Gothic eg modern or first wave and what this suggests. Eg if its modern, it could have feminist intent, if its first wave, it could be targeting an exciting read (or perhaps be a parody). Mention what your main 3 ideas will be about.Pick 3 Gothic ideas that show up in the passage, big ideas, that you can say a lot about. Eg don't do a paragraph on 'darkness', do a paragraph on setting. In each paragraph, make sure to discuss how this idea resembles or doesn't resemble the Gothic. identify techniques and explore their effect. Occasionally this will involve looking at the effects of particular words, or sounds. However, the majority of the techniques should be more holistic: things like narrative voice and its effect, overall structure of text. Once or twice in each paragraph, mention other Gothic texts and how the extract relates to an idea or device in them. Ideas for paragraphs:-Setting-passive depiction of female characters. -challenging traditional viewpoints relating to class or gender; transgression-Yearning for the past; decay- Supernatural and responses to it-Suspense, horror, and terrorConclusion: give main argument