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Anyone staying in or got any info on ashcroft?

I was wondering when all the Manor and Elgar Court frenzy would end, I'm in Ashcroft and so is drunk1000 but so far they haven't responded to my private message :confused:

I got my accommodation information last Thursday, basically we can move in on the Sunday or Monday and there's a pretty little freshers booklet specifically for Pritchatt's Park members.

Anything else PM me or put it up on here.
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I visited Ashcroft yesterday, and it seemed okay, a bit out of the way (of the vale). The rooms look nicely done up. The only thing that annoyed me was the 'lounge facilities' described in the accommodation prospectus consist (from what i could see) of a table in the rather small kitchen. Other pluses included the social centre, proximity to university, and the (very) nearby floodlit rugby pitches.
The Spinney Houses have proper lounge facilities that would have been my first choice. On the open day during the summer downstairs was one bedroom who had a bathroom to herself (was in no way disabled) and the kitchen was adjacent with a separate lounge corner bit with sofas chairs and table.

I think at Ashcroft they just expect you to go to the Social Centre or something. I didn't even pay attention to rugby pitches being present, I'm not a keen fan and think my fingers are too precious to be broken. I'm a girl and a musician so I think I can be excused this once.
I was in Ashcroft last year and I had no complaints. The (anti) social centre really isn't all that great and it is a pain being away form the Vale, but trust me, when the winter comes you really appreciate only being 5 mins form campus. If you've got any other questions about the place, just let me know!
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Are whole blocks non smoking or just floors?
It's not even whole floors that are non smoking, just flats. Each flat has 6 rooms and there are 3 flats on each floor. The 3 flats on each floor share a concrete landing. Hope this helps, if you have any more q's, fire away!
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I knew a Sarah once who was in Ashcroft.

She did Law.


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did you find you mixed with other flats
We did mix with other flats...some more than others though! I would advise you to make an effort form the start as it becomes increasingly more awkward to pop round and it is very handy to have some friends close by, especially when you run out of loo roll! And yes Tim, I do law, however I don't think I am who you are thinking of, I do law with german, i think the Sarah you know is drunken Sarah (short blonde hair).
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Yes, the Sarah I was thinking of did just Law, I think. Didn't think you were her. But ta for clearing that one up!

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Are there lounge facilities in the flats or just a kitchen?