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Since computer science is a relatively new subject and their are not many past papers or question resources, I have recently devised a number of Kahoot quizzes to help test your knowledge on each section of Computer Science. This will mainly help with recall of facts and knowledge of keywords. I will frequently update this post as I make them and I hope this helps.

This is one of many revision techniques that you can use, the most effective being past papers - unfortunately the one revision tool that is lacking in this subject.

If anyone else has any other effective revision techniques to be used within this subject, feel free to share below.

Kahoot may not be one of the more sophisticated of revision techniques but it is something that will help jog your memory.

These quizzes will take the form of each chapter within the OCR revision guide and should test your knowledge upon each one.

There will be a new quiz updated every day as I work through each chapter of the book compiling the information into bitesize questions.

I hope this helps!

Quiz links:
Processor Components -
Processor Performance -
Types of Processor -
Input Devices -
Output Devices -
Storage Devices -
Functions of an Operating System -
Types of Operating System -
The nature of applications -
Programming Language Translators -
System analysis methods -
Writing and following algorithms -
Programming Paradigms -
Assembly Language -
Compression, encryption and Hashing -
Database concepts -
Relational databases and normalisation -
Introduction to SQL -
Defining and updating tables using SQL -
Transaction Processing -
Structure of the Internet -
Internet Communication -
Netwrok Security and Threats -
HTML and CSS -
Web Forms and JavaScript -
Search Engine Indexing -
Client-server and peer-to-peer -
Primitive data types, binary and hexadecimal -
ASCII and Unicode -
Binary Arithmetic -
Floating Point Arithmetic -
Bitwise manipulation and masks -
Arrays, tuples and records -
Queues -
Lists and Linked Lists -
Stacks -
Hash Tables -
Graphs -
Trees -
Logic Gates and Truth Tables -
Simplifying Boolean expressions -
Karnaugh Maps -
Adders and D-type flip-flops -
Computing related legislation -
Ethical, moral and cultural issues -
Privacy and censorship -
Thinking Abstractly -
Thinking Ahead -
Thinking Procedurally -
Thinking Logically, Thinking Concurrently -
Problem Recognition -
Problem Solving -
Programming Basics -
Selection -
Iteration -
Subroutines and Recursion -
Use of an IDE -
Use of object-oriented techniques -
Analysis and design of Algorithms -
Searching Algorithms -
Bubble Sort and Insertion Sort -
Merge Sort and Quick Sort -
Graph Traversal Algorithms -
Optimisation Algorithms -
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Im guessing no more quizzes? Seems pretty helpful.

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