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Straight male,but loves penis?

Hi, after my years of experience in porn and rare sightings of a **** I get turned on at the sight of one just like when watching porn and the same in which a female turns me on, I don't like men romantically AT ALL but I like ****. First question is what does this make me and second one is if I were to go out to hookup with a guy then how would I go about doing it?
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Btw the "****" just meant "d-i-c-k"
That means you aren't actually straight
Original post by MontR9213
That means you aren't actually straight

maybe you're bisxeual?
Sexuality is fluid. Very few people are either 'totally straight' or 'totally homosexual'.

Just accept that it's part of your sexuality, you might go through periods where you are really aroused by a willy and periods where you're like 'meh'.
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Sexuality and romanticism are not the same. As you are describing yourself it seems to me that maybe you could be under the bisexual umbrella (bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, etc) but still heteroromantic.

Pretty sure you can find information about those terms online.

Also remember that genitals do not equal gender! So it could also be that you just find penises attractive.

Hope to help!

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