Weight gain in sixth form

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I am about to start Year 13 following my successful Year 12 (Yay ). However, throughout the course of Year 12, I seem to have gained quite a bit of weight. I have never really gained weight like this before, and have been slim my whole life. I am not overly annoyed now that I am chubby, though I want to stop gaining weight. I have come up with possible reasons for the weight gain:
Exam Stress - however, I had no change in weight during my GCSE's, a much more stressful time.
Lack of exercise - No PE in 6th form, but I didn't in Year 11 either, and I walk quite a bit.
Bad Eating - Probably the most reasonable. For some reason my appetite increased in Year 12, so I eat larger portions than previously, as well as getting something from the canteen at break time. I have always snacked (healthy and non-healthy), maybe a bit more this year.
I am going to stop snacking on junk, get a bit more exercise and try to eat smaller portions. Is there any more advice that I could use to stop weight gain? I have noticed that a few other students had packed on in Year 12, more so other girls than boys. Maybe we are facing a similar problem, but I don't know.
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Wait till you get to uni - I gained a stone (although I did a level PE tbf!) It wasn't difficult to lose tbf - lost it in the first 1.5 months of summer!

I gained a couple of lbs in sixth form and it was mainly due to what you've said - increased stress results in increased appetite and less time to participate in exercise due to academic and new social commitments. I was a keen athlete during secondary school but it feels like there's less emphasis on sport and exercise at sixth form without PE / free time!
& the snacking thing too - idk about your sixth form but mine served crap at break and lunch such as chocolate bars, crisps, pasta pots (the kind with tons of mayo and massive portions), pizza and cheese on toast. The only healthy options where fruit pots and wraps which went within 2 Mins of break! So there's a ton of extra cals, especially with the social side of food!
So you're Defo not alone!
To lose weight / maintain you need to get in a calorie deficit or meet your BMR - don't per say track calories majorly but meal prep healthy lunches for sixth form, join a gym and aim for about 3-4 days a week or a sports team, etc... your appetite is high now but once you lose any weight / reduce portions it will decrease!
Also substitute snack food such as chocolates and crisps for fruit and veg! Just as filling

But I'm sure weight wise you're absolutely fine! Don't get too hung up over it. It's normal to gain weight when you're stressed - it's Defo common at sixth form / uni. Good luck for y13 and well done on your results

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