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Poll: I think the Amazon rain forest should
be exploited, people there are poor and this work provides them and their family with an income (0)
stop being exploited, it's suffered enough and is at tipping point (2)
I'm not bothered if the Amazon rain forest gets completely logged (0)
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Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has been on the rise again over the last few years.

the carbon footprint has a strong as ever grip over the amazon rain forest , in fact over recent years it's suffered from hmuan greed/abuse worse than ever.
It is suffering severe droughts and droughts with devastating impacts. each year alone an area size bigger than Wales is being lost in the Amazon jungle.

Now plans are put forward and being considered to build a train track right through the heart of the amazon rain forest. obviously this will result in much road (or rail ) kill including leopards, monkeys, lizards, and every other animal living in the jungle.

there is already the tranz amazonian highway which is a road build for vehicles right via the amazon which was build over 30 years ago which has proved devastating to the amazon.

also underway is the world biggest damn called the Bel monte which is being constructed there. there are plans to build over 150 more smaller damns in the amazon rain forest.

also undergoing the destruction of the amazon rain forest is mining, logging,. slashing and burning, gas flaring e.t.c. not to mention the ever increasing demand for beef and soya has devastated and continues to do so the amazon rain forest.

basically we are losing the Amazon rain forest, IT WILL be completely cleared and it is looking likely this will happen within 20- 40 years at current rates.

many people have now defended the logging of the Amazon as they say many poor people live in Brazil and it provides income for them and their families and they now side with the loggers and say it is okay to destruct the forest to benefit the people e.t.c.

what is your opinion on this ?

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It's complex because Brazil has a right to increase economic prosperity but at a cost that could affect the whole world

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