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Im currently looking into the funding for postgraduate study. I start my final year in cardiff university next month but want to stay there for my masters. Depending on how much funding i can get will determine which university i go to.

At the moment ive only applied for swansea university as i would be able to live at home and the costs are lower but i want to stay in cardiff.

I am looking at
£12000 (tuition) + £4000 (rent/bills) for cardiff uni
£6000 (tuition) + £4000 (rent/bills) University South Wales

£10000 (tuition) for Swansea uni and live at home

The only finance information i can see on the student finance wales website is up to £10280. Are there any other finances available to me (loans or grants) to help with my maintenance?
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I am also keeping an eye on the new postgraduate loans for Wales based students who qualify for SFW.

The new postgrad loan arrangements for 2018 seem to have been upped to £17k but there is scarce info out that as this is still to be completely ratified by the Welsh Assembly. The current 2017 arrangement is for the £10k loan.

I don't think we will have the full Welsh postgrad loan info until February 2018 for Sept 2018 start date. This is also mixed in with the new Undergrad Maintenance grant scheme too which starts next year, All the details are being fine tuned as Wales will have a whole different set of student finance arrangements to England from 2018.

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