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I went to an open day recently and noticed a few on campus restaurants/cafe's. I didn't give myself enough time to look at all of them and check the pricing etc. To those who know the campus well or those who were students within the last 1-2 years...
Is the on campus food generally good and well priced? I can't recall the name of the one i went to but i had a pretty decent fish and chips. The last uni i went to didn't really have much other than some sandwiches and pub food on campus (left there due to course reasons quite early). Put short is the food on campus worth the price and something you could eat at somewhat regularly without breaking student finance? Of course I would want to go with friends/flat mates so if it is expensive.. even if i could afford it i'd likely be going alone.
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Hi there!
I'm a second year Staffs student, so I've been eating on campus for about a year and a half now, hahaha!
The fish and chips was probably from the Ember Lounge - which is the student union's pub-type venue. I absolutely love Ember! My coursemates and I are all on pretty low loans, and we still go for a meal and drinks at least fortnightly, so yeah it's pretty cheap! And their mozzarella dippers are to die for!!! <3
There's a similar restaurant called Verve which backs onto the union 'club' (LRV), closer to the accommodation area. Verve is a lil bit more 'American diner'-ish, and a great place for a hangover cure brunch...
There's a few cafe type places dotted about - including a Starbucks and a Costa, and then Squeeze Box is the juice-bar kinda cafe (AKA the healthy option ahahah).
And then there's the Pavilion dining area in the new Beacon Building, which is a lil fancier and great for date nights or treating yourself.
But all in all, I've never had a bad experience with the restaurants on campus, and they're cheap enough for me (who is a total super scrimper), they're defo good value! Ahahaha.
Hope this helps a bit! Let me know if you have anymore questions!
- Gee

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